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    Ls Swap To An 89' Crx

    First things first, I'm not expert on this, having only done (and not finished) one swap in my own 89 CRX. You'll need engine mounts. I used HASport mounts, but even then beware, your hood may hit the top of the motor. So you may wind up need a motor. (I have an LS/Vtec). The problem is...
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    Axle Woes

    Thanks for the replies folks. I was able to get the inner CV joint BACK into the tranny. (My problem was that initially when I put the new axles in (fit perfectly) I failed to remove the "knuckle ring" on the wheel hub. HASport called it a spacer and it sure didn't look like a spacer to me...
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    Axle Woes

    Folks, I purchased aftermarket axles for my 89 CRX/ Vtec swap. Unfortunately, I failed to remove the knuckle ring before installing the axles. Some folks called these "spacers" but it sure didn't seem like a spacer to me. I seemed like more of a dust shield. So bottom line, I didn't remove...
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    Removing Hub Spacer In Axle?

    Although I have HASport mounts, the axles were from another vendor. Apparently what some folks are referring to as spacers are in fact not spacers, they are known as "Knuckle Ring". I spoke with my axle vendor and he did not enlighten me. I he would have said there's a large curved piece of...
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    Ecu Wires Stuck In Harness?

    I haven't taken pins/plugs from an ECU harness but I have pulled pins from distributor connectors, O2 connectors, and the like. Perhaps there's some commonality. For the ECU harness (ODBI) the ends of the connector flip up (someone showed me this). The pins push out from the front to the...
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    O2 Sensor Wiring

    Thanks, much to the several folks who've assisted me thus far. I'm just about through my LS/Vtec swap (OBDI) into my 89 CRX (DX). (It was previously converted to MultiPoint for my old ZC). I'm down to a few last items. The 4 wire heated O2 sensor is one of them. I can't afford the OEM item...
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    Map Sensor, Where'd It Go

    Man do I feel stupid. I changed over the wiring harness from the ZC to the B motor and got to the MAP sensor. It wasn't on the ZC. Where'd it go? I posted here before calming down and looking in my 89 CRX shop manual. There on probably 10 pages is the MAP sensor, showing it in black and...
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    Wtb Obdi Injectors (p&h)

    I have OBDII injectors for a GSR and need OBDI injectors. Anyone want to swap or sell OBDI low resistance, high current, peak and hold injectors, with stock 280 cc/min or larger? Thanks, Dave K.
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    Map Sensor, Where'd It Go

    Folks, I have two problems stalling my swap (LS/Vtec into 89 CRX). (had ZC motor in it). I've done the physical engine swap, coolant, vacuum, and gas line junk. I removed the engine harness from the old ZC and grafted it onto the LS/Vtec (that I'm going to run an OBDI ECU). The TPS, TW, TA...
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    Removing Hub Spacer In Axle?

    Folks, I've swapped out my old ZC and stuff my B motor in place in my 89 CRX. I'm running an S1 tranny. HASport web site indicates that I need to remove the dust seal and the spacer in the hub. OK, I've found the dust seal sticking on the old axle, but I can't see anything that looks like a...
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    Will Obdii Dist. Work?

    It's a simple question, can an OBDII GSR distributor be "direct wired" (i.e., wires cut and soldered) in place of an OBDI distributor and function properly? Background: 89 CRX (DX) converted to 4 point injection currently running old, dead, tired, leaky, ZC motor. New LS/(gsr)Vtec (motor...
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    Village Idiot

    Like the title says, I get the village idiot award. I thought the head on my LS/Vtec was a 1995 OBDI head. (That's what the guy who sold it to me said). It's not. It's got only one 9 wire distributor plug. It must be OBDII. I'm guessing OBDI distributors are two plug, just like my...
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    Pin Outs Needed Obdi Distributor

    Folks, can someone here give me the wire colors and ECU pin outs for an OBDI distributor (from ECU side)? CYP G (cylinder position G) CYP P (cylinder position P) CKP G (crankshaft position G) CKP P (crankshaft position P) TDC G (Top Dead Center G) TDC P (Top Dead Center P) You'll find in an...
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    Ecu Conversion Harness

    I'm doing much of the same swap and no there are (I believe) several things you still need to attend to. The easiest is a 4 wire O2 sensor. OBDI uses one but your Si is a single wire O2 sensor, so you have to wire that. Also the teg distributor has a single plug but your Rex has two...
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    How To Make Physical Wire Connections

    (Non-ODB to ODBI ECU). Folks, I know what wires I need to run and where I need to run them to/from to wire Vtec and O2 sensor. That's not my question. I'm asking about how you physically make the connections to the device(s) in the absence of having either EXISTING or 'donor' plugs to plug...
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