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    Chillin' At Starbucks Rockville, Md

    I went up to the Starbucks near my house and there were about 200 cars in a lot that is known as the Import chill spot on Friday and Saturday nights. I had my camera in my pocket and I was so in awe of all the nice ass cars that I forgot that I even had it with me. Sorry for the lack of pics but...
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    B - Took Your Advice

    ok... Ryan.. what the hell do you do for a living cuz I wanna do that and have sick ass new rides too!!! I live in Maryland and I've only seen i bad ass Evo.. all Black .. sounds like it wants to eat everything in sight.. what a beautiful car :worthy: You luck bastardo :ph34r:
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    Drunk Drivers Suck

    dude.. I say you get drunk :beer: and then drive straight into her living room.. lol.. j/k .. that sucks man... and the fact that there was not a lot of damage to her car makes it worse.. I hope you get the money so you can go buy a new ride..
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    The Real Hussain Shady

    HAHAHAH.. someone just sent me this.. if you have seen this already I'm sorry REAL HUSSAIN SHADY It's pretty damn funny :lol:
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    but .. but.. WHHHHYYYYYYYY :slap: I mean where does the reasoning come from.. wait.. I guess there was non of that. hahahaha.. what the hell.. he is actually TAPED to the freakin' ceilling.. *in awe* .. I mean do you wake up and say.. "ok let have a game session and if you really wanna play...
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    Proof That Type R Stickers Are Fast

    hahah.. that's great.. bigggg ass type-r sticker owns jooo
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    Wrecked My Car Last Night

    Damn that sucks.. poor dog.. poor car.. atleast you can fix your car. It would have been smart of the owners part to have the leash considering the law in your county. Hope they didn't have kids. It would suck to be a kid and have your dog killed. Anyway... C-WEST IMO
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    2fast 2 Furious Trailer

    Well, IMO it's ok. It's not top notch, it's just ok. Fine they are not Honda Swizzap sleeper mobiles but you have to give them some props for creativity. It's freakin' Hollywood. They do show some nice cars ( skyline, evo, supra) minus the the neon paint ( not that I'm hatin' if that's your...
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    Wait.. It Has 3 Wheels

    :werd: :withstupid:
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    Wait.. It Has 3 Wheels

    minding my business.. bored at home.. looking at pictures and then.. dun dun duhhhhhh.. well.. you can see for yourself...
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    Wtf Is This New Acura

    The upcoming 2004 Acura TSX Sports Sedan is posed to go head-to-head with the likes of BMW's 3-series, Audi's A4, and the Lexus IS. The TSX, which will be based on the Euro-market Accord, will hit U.S. showrooms in April of 2003 as Acura's premium entry level sports saloon. The base TSX will...
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    98 Turbo Civic Dx Vs. Viper

    Damn now that was a beautiful thing
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    The Ewoks Go....

    I'll have to find something else to chop lol
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    The Ewoks Go....

    I got bored with photoshop and since Bubb has been done over a gazillion times I had to find something that I had not seen yet to do.. so here we are.. The Bubwok goes WOOOOO!! WOOO!!!!
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    Favorite Flash Movies

    :worthy: hahahh that shiet is the best. Saw is sometime ago but it's great
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    Volk TE37's

    Here is my Photoshop 2 cents worth. I like the bronze.
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    Exclusive Pics From Iraq

    hhahahaha.. nice on the photoshop skizz nizzlez
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    "steamed" Rice

    Damn.. I wonder if that guy can come steam clean my carpet? :lol:
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    Ultimate Joy Ride?!?

    HAHAAHH THATS THE BEST!!! :lol: :lol: :lol:
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    Pic Of The Day

    have not seen pic of the day in a while. Thought this was funny. Sorry if you've already seen it.
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