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    I would run civic type r pistons. I believe this will get you in the mid 12's:1 cr.
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    beast of all beast turbo motor

    It would run like 3 minute quarters cause if you just put the head on the block and didnt get anything machined you'd have to push it ;) Seriously though if you got everything done right and you used stock internals it wouldnt be using either of those components to their full potential. I would...
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    Dashboard battery indicator

    Have you checked the voltage with the car running when the voltage light is on? The output in amps of your alternator doesnt matter if you are sitting at 10 volts which is what I would guess is the problem if your battery light is coming on. My voltage light in my chevy doesnt come un until...
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    what's on your x-mass list?

    Stock All wheel drive turbocharged honda, and santa make it under 2500lbs!!!!
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    91 CRX ALT. wires??

    It might give you 1 hp. Dont do it.
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    rather than invest a bunch of time and money into gauges get more performance parts and pay for good tuning. You will be much happier in the end unless you are doing it to CONVINCE people your car is faster than it is...
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    WTB: b18a headers

    Why do you need more than one header man? Last I checked your motors got 4 cylinders in it...
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    Engine Problems with 88 honda accord

    It was a vacuum line I never would have figured it out, $92 diagnosis and a $6 part....
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    The ls/vtec and the cr/vtec would be equally reliable, you would see mild hp and tq gains with the cr/vtec, due to its larger displacement. I would recommend je pistons, and crower rods, they are excellent products and they are reasonably priced.
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    Engine Problems with 88 honda accord

    I just got my ex-gf's 88 honda accord for free, but it is because it has some engine problems. I am certainly no mechanic BUT I can do alot of things, I changed the water pump and alternator on my blazer, as well as a front brake job on it. Well Here is the deal; The car starts, but it wont idle...
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    The b16a is a great platform for generating a lot of hp. Its just tq that the motor struggles with. If you want 400hp from that motor all you need is alot of money and a good tuner somewhere near ya. I would sleeve the motor out to a 1.8l, get lower compression pistons (9.0:1 or so), some...
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    89 Crx

    Sell your auto, buy a manual. After $300-$500 in parts and a shitload of time you have a car that you could have had much easier and cheaper buy just selling the car you have and getting a 5 speed. And as for swap value I would do a b18a into your rex, if you look around at junkyards you may get...
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    Ls-vtec? Which Head?

    In flow etc the b16 sir 2 head I believe flows closest to the ITR head. Thats what I have read before.
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    Delsol Vs Crx (pics)

    dude that was gay, she has a nice ride and she doesnt look fat to me...
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    Sniffing Panties (work Safe)

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    Featured Ride

    B get your gsr/t in the sol and you can feature your own ride yO!
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    Turbo Sizing

    It cant hurt. Don't expect to generate much more than 50 additional hp with it @ 10 psi, tune well, I am assuming if you're fully built you most likely have a high cr, and in this case tuning to the hilt is a MUST!
  18. M Dsm Vs Mti T/a

    Im surprised that eclipse didnt win by more.
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    D16z6 Build For Mid 13's

    For around $1800 you can swap in a b18b motor into your ride? IF you are gonna spend all that cash wouldnt it make sense to do it right in the first place?
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    Nitto Racing Is lame!

    Dude that was harsh. I simply asked a question. Just because the site says that doesnt mean that its basically if you dont have anything nice to say dont fucking say anything allright?
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