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    NY right hand drive eg very nice, L@@K

    Sold it today, sorry.
  2. welfare

    NY right hand drive eg very nice, L@@K

    Bump, come on, no offers?
  3. welfare

    NY right hand drive eg very nice, L@@K

    Lol, Def Not a noob, and plenty of pics.???
  4. welfare

    NY right hand drive eg very nice, L@@K

    Time to put back up for sale. Trade for excellent condition sport bike, cbr 600rr/1000rr or yamaha r6/r1
  5. welfare

    Help? EG Hatch with B18C1 swap problem

    Too bad you're in maine otherwise you could drive it down and id fix it for ya.
  6. welfare

    Help? EG Hatch with B18C1 swap problem

    That evap hose wont cause an engine vacuum leak unless it was coming off the throttle body and you'd hear it leak, but its only off the canister, so no. The leak you're looking for is on the manifold somewhere I'm sure of it. There has to be something you're overlooking. So just keep searching.
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    NY right hand drive eg very nice, L@@K

    SOLD SOLD SOLD Looking to sell my right hand drive converted eg hatchback, wondering what someone might pay for it. Asking price is 7500. firewall swap conversion to right hand drive, done by cutting spot welds then re-welding in the jdm firewall, seam sealed with very expensive 3m seam sealer...
  8. welfare

    Help? EG Hatch with B18C1 swap problem

    If the pump is leaking then either the crank seal is bad or someone had the pump off the block and didn't seal it properly when they put it back on. Either way I'd get some high temp rtv and seal it back up with a light coat. While the pump is off you might wanna get it looked at... usually...
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    Please help us with our swap

    I wouldn't worry about it, the fuel maps aren't that much diffrent.
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    b16a to eg help plz!!!

    1. will that ecu work with mine? Get a jdm p30 obd1 ecu 2.will i need new shifting linages? yes, 94-01 integra 3. will i need a cx-bseries harness from rywire? no, all 92 civics are pre-wired for vtec/etc. But you will need a 94-95 integra gsr engine harness, or use your Cx harness and add...
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    Help? EG Hatch with B18C1 swap problem

    The automatic bracket works with some modification to the middle and lower bolt holes, but I wouldn't do it unless u had to, just get a 94-01 integra manual bracket. If you don't use a rear bracket it'll pull your shift linkage out of its mount and make it difficult to shift. As far as your...
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    Vented hood for cooling SC?

    Jackson racing superchargers do not require any type of external cooling, even if you do a setup that directs airflow over the body of the manifold or the charger itself you are wasting your time. The only 2 ways to cool the jrsc is water/meth or lht, on the stock charger with 8-10psi you are...
  13. welfare

    JDM B18.. couple Q's

    1 check your p/s fluid level and make sure its not all frothed up, you MUST use honda or "for honda" power steering fluid, otherwise kiss the pump goodbye. if the fluid is good then its time for a new pump. the belt squal is probably just a loose belt, start with the a/c since it makes the on...
  14. welfare


    Ok, the jackson charged gsr engine burnt a valve, I cant say Im surprised, stock valves werent meant to hold the boost, Im glad they lasted this long (about 120k before the charger and another 40k with it) So I have been searching around for replacements and I have no idea what to look for...
  15. welfare

    Stroking an B16 with B18 internals?

    In order to use the b18 internals in a b16 block you need custom pistons and they arent readily available. You would be better off getting an ls (b18a/b18b) block and putting the b18c internals in that, they would fit right in and work just like a gsr.
  16. welfare

    NY FS jackson boost timing controller

    yep, still got it, looking at it right now, $100+ shipping and its yours or 100 and free local pickup. let me know,
  17. welfare

    NY f/s b16a jdm obd1 with p30 ecu can hear run

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