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  1. tabKola

    97 civic wont rev passed 5300 rpms

    Sorry misread. Sounds like the same problem though, the ecu isnt programmed correctly for that head which is why it bogs. Unfortunately there is NO North American ecu that can control an OBD2A Vtec-e auto vehicle. Your only way out would be to swap the head to a Y8 unless you want to convert to...
  2. tabKola

    88-00 Civic Parts / Rear Disc + Sunroof + Wire Harness D16 Vtec >>

    That throttle body is not from a D16Y7.
  3. tabKola

    How To Adjust Timing?

    On that it should just be that plug behind the passenger kick panel. The one you jump to get the check engine light to blink codes.
  4. tabKola

    97 civic wont rev passed 5300 rpms

    Sounds like you're reaching the max rpm for stage one of the three stage motor. You're ecu isn't activating stage 2 at 3000 rpm since it is a P2P and it can't activate the third stage at 5000 rpm because the regular solenoid doesn't match the galleys built into the head. You either need the...
  5. tabKola

    98 civic lx revs to about 2000 rpms then drops back down

    If the idle is fluctuating, then you most likely have a vacuum leak. Is it throwing any codes?
  6. tabKola

    Should i get a 2000 civic si? or a 2000 integra type R?

    If you are going to replace the engine anyway, then why spend the extra on the Si?
  7. tabKola

    Y7 into 99 civic ex

    You literally just remove the Y7 head and intake manifold and swap over the Y8 head and intake manifold. Dizzys/timing is the same between the two. You will have to swap over the knock sensor from the Y8 as well.
  8. tabKola

    What Models And Years Are Interchangeable?

    You can't use sedan door trim on a coupe because the coupe doors are longer.
  9. tabKola

    Y7 into 99 civic ex

    You would have to get a 99-00 P2E ecu and then move/add some wires for the IACV if your car is a 5-speed or you could swap on the head from a D16y8.
  10. tabKola

    d16 harness question

    Also one wire for the knock sensor.
  11. tabKola

    full z6 swap in an auto hx ek

    Yep, you will also need to weld a frame rail mount from a 5 speed car in place of the cvt one.
  12. tabKola

    Need Help w my 96 civic

    It will fit, but if you want the heat/ac to work you have to swap out the heater core for a 99+ unit. (96-98 are cable operated and 99+ are electronic) There is a write-up on it somewhere here.
  13. tabKola

    Can i run different obd1 ecu's

    The GSR's intake manifold has 2 different paths that the incoming air can take, a long one and a short one. The butterflies are basically small throttle bodies in the manifold that change the path and they are controlled by the ECU.
  14. tabKola

    Got my egine swaped d16y5 with y8 ECU vtec question.

    You feel it because vtec on a Y5 is supposed to kick in at 3000 rpm because it is vtec-e.
  15. tabKola

    1996 Honda Civic DX into 1996 Honda Civic EX (wiring harness is different) Car idles

    Also the fuel maps will be wrong due to the different cam profile and the Y8 uses larger fuel injectors.
  16. tabKola

    1996 Honda Civic DX into 1996 Honda Civic EX (wiring harness is different) Car idles

    DX computer should just plug in place of the EX one. You will have to change the IACV wiring on the harness to get the car to idle correctly. Basically you do the above in reverse at the ECU plug. You then have to take that plug you found that isn't compatible (should be 2 wires) and connect...
  17. tabKola

    transmission question

    It will fit, but they are controlled in different ways. Del Sol is OBD1 whereas 97 is OBD2A.
  18. tabKola

    97 honda not starting

    Did you check the starter relay?
  19. tabKola

    WTB Intake Manifold/Throttle Body Assemblies

    I've got a Y8 with no map and a broken tps.
  20. tabKola

    3 in the purse, 51 in the box

    and why $0.22?
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