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  1. Airjockie

    Any Old School Members?

  2. Airjockie

    As some know...I also got a new yota.

    Don't post much here, but I lurk weekly, just to keep up with stuff. I had to wait almost 26 days to get the one rig I wanted... since it was a special request, couldn't haggle down the price much, then when it got here, I wanted the TRD wheels, and they can't sell them til june/july. It's a 2...
  3. Airjockie

    Tax Season 2017

    yup had a $22.6K loan out on 401K, company got sold, had to pay more each month that I couldn't afford, so cleared the loan and rolled over the remaining balance which was after the loan getting paid off was $109K. Made $123K this year, but had to have an operation so I collected comp for...
  4. Airjockie

    Tax Season 2017

    I think I got screwed, had to be forced to rollover a 401K, and I had a loan out on it. If you can come to CT, I'll supply you with all the beer you can drink while going over my taxes.
  5. Airjockie

    Finally back in the garage....part deux!

    I can only say a few things. You did an awesome job with the car, I wish you had more time to get the motor to where you wanted it, but crap happens to motors built to be beat on. If you were able to go full retard on that secondary motor and go that fast, I can't imagine what you could do...
  6. Airjockie

    Finally back in the garage....part deux!

    God.....I can't wait to see this car run, hear it, and see it place in the top 3.
  7. Airjockie

    I have no memory of this place...

    welcome back
  8. Airjockie

    happy bday clayton

    May 12th to May 15th
  9. Airjockie

    happy bday clayton

    Thank you Buddy. get your fishing lic yet?
  10. Airjockie

    Finally back in the garage....part deux!

    I just can't imagine how many exotic cars that lil ol' CRX is going to beat.......
  11. Airjockie

    Official Hondaswap's 2015 fishing thread.

    a little small, but it's a start.
  12. Airjockie

    Official Hondaswap's 2015 fishing thread.

    It's 2015, and lets fish. To start off, I hope to get B back out on the water when it warms up. I just got my new yak wet last week. I picked up a yak that I've wanted since it came out in October of last year, the Jackson Kayak Kraken, then a good Ebay auction came up for one that I was...
  13. Airjockie

    Clash Of Clans

    I'm addicted to it, I'm in a clan with mostly UK'ers, clan name is "3 wars per week"
  14. Airjockie

    Happy bday Hosmer

    wee hooo. we all are getting older.....
  15. Airjockie

    OG Members

  16. Airjockie

    Puzzle - Who Dies?

    E dies, because when everyone else survives after a mass attempted murder....he will get mutilated.
  17. Airjockie

    what would you guys do with this kind of money? add some nice wheels and a kayak.... done
  18. Airjockie

    Finally back in the garage....part deux!

    some of the parts from Steve's (Jeremy's) old car made up for the parts that I destroyed and spruced up the car, and a few other cars that came my way. 1800's....I'm not that old...:shades:
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