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  1. Bob Vila

    20 years of HondaSwap

    new phone, who dis? Still waiting to be the ride of the month.
  2. Bob Vila

    Reunions, any of you guys do them?

    Its 6/23 at the golf course by your mom's house :) Not going BTW -- too formal!
  3. Bob Vila

    Any Old School Members?

    ^what he said.
  4. Bob Vila

    judgement day is coming

    Thought you popped the ? to the lady-friend! haha!
  5. Bob Vila

    Happy Flag Day 2017!

    My favorite holiday!
  6. Bob Vila

    Tax Season 2017

    priced out a new M3 Sedan that Id pay cash for...if i received all the taxes i paid out in 16. my goodness did my jaw hit the floor when I tallied them together yesterday.
  7. Bob Vila

    Tax Season 2016

    Starting to get pissed at the tax system. 33% marginal tax rate (estimate, haven't filed yet). Both my wife and I max out our 401k, I claim 2 mortgage interests (home and vacation club), student loan interest. I have 2 kids, 1 in elementary school, 1 in daycare (which I spent 12k on last year)...
  8. Bob Vila

    Happy bday steve

    Hey thanks. 35. Where the hell is time going?
  9. Bob Vila

    Car Buying and Haggling

    Yem, if you're looking at Toyota let me know. I'll hook you up with my guy at Hoffman in Avon. He came highly recommended from my buddy who's a long time employee there. I bought my '14 Tundra from him, emailed him what I wanted to pay, what I wanted for my trade in and what % for financing I'd...
  10. Bob Vila

    Stumbling through the channel guide and though of B

    he wept like he just got stung by a bee!
  11. Bob Vila

    Stumbling through the channel guide and though of B

    Currently on one of the movie channels. Grab your Kleenex!
  12. Bob Vila

    color help

  13. Bob Vila

    Vacation 2015

    I have a ton of vacations coming up this year, mostly down to Baltimore for baseball though :) Also will be in DC 4/6 & 4/7 Disney in October Also bought a travel trailer a few weeks back so we're doing a ton of camping this year! (edit: stock image)
  14. Bob Vila

    Vacation 2015

    You must be in lalalove...going on an airplane? YOU? LOL!
  15. Bob Vila

    Better call Saul...*possible spoilers*

    Also, Better Call Saul is awesome so far. I think it has great potential and my mind will be blown if they end the series with him meeting Walter White.
  16. Bob Vila

    Better call Saul...*possible spoilers*

    I'm the same way with TWD. I know it's a show about zombie's but it's just too far gone IMO. The writers must be really dry. I'm solely watching out of time invested and hoping that they'll kill off Rick one of these episodes.
  17. Bob Vila


    If you're not sure where you are credit wise take a look into credit karma. Its a great tool to see where you stand currently and offers options to help increase your score/worthiness. I took cues from it over the past 18 months and have increased my score from low 700's to well into the 800's...
  18. Bob Vila

    Blizzard 2015 in North East

    about a 1' here on the other side of town from Brian. Still have 6-8 hours more at 1-2"/hr at its peak. Will probably wind up right around 18-20" total. I was supposed to be in Atlanta this week, leaving this past Sunday night and returning tonight. Cancelled that after coercing my boss to...
  19. Bob Vila

    Heating Fuel Oil time.

    Just filled, $2.59. I'm on automatic/budget spread through 10 months though so I don't pay too much attention to it. It's the same payment each month. Should wind up with a nice jump start to 2015-2016 heating season.
  20. Bob Vila

    Tin Foil hat time

    Nope, decided to stay here for 5-6 more years. I enjoy our lifestyle (e.g. vacationing, going out to eat, not stressing about bills, etc.) and don't want a new house to interfere with that. So in the interim I'll be building a garage/workshop out back with a home office above it as I can't stand...
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