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  1. 99sidude

    Reliability Rally - $1000 bikes

    Seeing that there are several OG members here that like dirt cheap motorcycles, I thought I would make this post. For the past few years I have been running an annual rally for dirt cheap bikes. We had 27 people sign up this year and 20 actually show up despite COVID. We expect 40+ for 2021. We...
  2. 99sidude

    Anyone been to South America?

    In a few weeks my job is sending me to South America. I'll be in Buenos Aires, Argentina for a week+weekend, then Sao Paul, Brazil for the next week. It should be a pretty laid back trip with plenty of free time. Can anyone recommend things to do/try?
  3. 99sidude

    1967 Mustang

    The goal is to be finished spring of 2015. This is a 1967 Mustang Coupe. Originally a 289 2v with C4 trans. I got the car as a shell, with everything in boxes. The goal is to retain the original character, while making it stop, go, and turn much better. Cosmetically, the car will be painted an...
  4. 99sidude

    Future Honda engines announced

    Boost coming soon!!! Look to see more tuning options down the road! Honda is late to the party with these things, but I think they will be class leading. Below are the posted power numbers, which tend to be sand bagged and WHP numbers... DI 1.0 dohc turbo triple with at least 130hp: DI...
  5. 99sidude

    Got myself a touring machine

    CBR1100XX. The 919 doesn't cut it on the multi-day trips.
  6. 99sidude

    What do you know about 4Runners?

    My next door neighbors have a 2003 that has been sitting ever since I moved in over 3 years ago. I stopped over the other day and they asked if I was interested in buying it. They haven't tossed out a price yet. What I do know - 103,000 miles. SR5 4.7 V8. It's sitting because a front half...
  7. 99sidude

    New NSX factory in Ohio

    Honda Plans $70 Million Ohio Supercar Plant to Aid Acura - Bloomberg Crazy isn't it? Honda's top car being designed and built by Ohioans. I was at the ceremony and shook hands with Governor Kasich.
  8. 99sidude

    So much WANT!!!

    $3k, 125cc, fuel injected, 130mpg, 68mph, 225lb, street legal!. These things are going to be everywhere soon. 2014 Grom Overview - Honda Powersports Honda Grom makes economical transportation fun | RideApart
  9. 99sidude

    New daily beater

    I ordered my first new car today. 2013 Civic Si Sedan. The cool thing is that it will be born in Canada on my birthday. I probably wont take delivery till mid May though. It's a 30k mile/year lease, zero down, all maintenance and expendables covered, and I get a new car every year. Not bad. The...
  10. 99sidude

    Happy Birthday GSRCRXsi

  11. 99sidude

    New Year's Resolution Thread

    Mine -Get under 10% body fat at current weight -Get promoted to "project leader" at work -Get into a meaningful relationship -Install a patio at my house -Purshase a classic car
  12. 99sidude


    I'm going to Japan in late July for work. I'll be in the Tochigi area most of the time, but I get a weekend to do whatever the hell I want. I want to stay within a few hours of Tokyo. I'd hate to blow my 2.5 days of free time on trains. IIRC a few of you have been out there or have sig others...
  13. 99sidude

    FS: 97 EK hatch, ITR swap

    $5500 obo This is my 97 Civic DX hatch that I bought 3 years ago. Over the past three years, I've built it into a respectable little rocket. The engine and trans work has under 4k miles on it. Selling because I got into motorcycles, and I just don't drive it anymore. Build thread...
  14. 99sidude

    Picked up a little something

    2004 919. 11k miles. 100% stock. Hardley a scratch on it (for now). Picked it up for commuting purposes and the occasional joy ride. I couldn't be any happier. It was between this an an SV650.
  15. 99sidude

    I might go pick this up

    83' CB1100F, 27k miles, clean as hell, rare (only made that year), guy at work asking $3300. He needs to sell because he's moving back to Japan next week. I was originally thinking something newer and fuel injected, however, I feel like I can own this for a little while, look like a total...
  16. 99sidude

    Honda announces new engine tech

    New plan calls for top-of-industry fuel efficiency in every vehicle class within 3 years TOKYO, Japan, November 30, 2011 - Honda Motor Co., Ltd. today announced the outline for a revolutionary next-generation technology called “Earth Dreams Technology.†“Earth Dreams Technologyâ€...
  17. 99sidude

    Basic Turbo Guide

    Mitsubishi made this document to explain how a turbo works and how to diagnose problems. pdf document is attached.
  18. 99sidude

    work whip

    I took home this CR-Z for the weekend. 6 Speed. 18" odyssey accessory wheels painted black with spacers in the front. 07/08 TL front brakes, suspension work, chassis bracing. The car handles like its on rails and I'm having no issue getting over 40mpg even with the way I am driving it. I'm...
  19. 99sidude

    Valvetrain wear

    This week I hit 3500 miles on the build. Time for the first oil change following the break-in period. I ran the oil through a strainer - no metal particles. Good. I decided to pull the valve cover just to check things over, and found THIS: On the exhaust cam, cylinders 2 & 3, the vtec lobes...
  20. 99sidude


    Anybody going to be there? I will the 1st-3rd. And for some reason it wont let me spell it SEMA in the title :shrug2:
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