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    The beginning of BOOM

    Boston Acoustics FTW!
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    How much?

    Welp, im about to get rid of my 89 crx it wont start and I dont know what the hell is wrong with it. The car is really clean inside and out I was wondering how much I could get for it, and after I get some cash what should I buy? I was thinking about getting a 240sx coupe. How much should I buy...
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    Check out my new garage helper

    I was working on my car and I didn't notice, but there was a Black Widow living under the hood. I didn't notice till I was about to close my hood then scared the shit out of me because I was working pretty close to it. It was a pretty good sized one too, little smaller then a dime. I caught it...
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    10 worst album covers of all time How come this wasn't on there?
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    Just Bought It

    Where do you get these models at and whats the scale size?
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    project: pissedoffsol

    Lucky you didnt run into a ferrari are you would have to smoke him
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    Muffler bearings on ebay!

    I know a lot of people that need this :lmao:
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    Oh nooOOOOESSS!!! 10k y0!!!

    im gaining on u guys
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    F/S Interior stuff

    do you have this peice? its a huge picture so it might take a while
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    CRX and CIVIC body kit 88-91

    wahhhhh!!! :rawr: damn this guy is selling a wings west RS for 300 maybe i can resell it
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    medium pimpin' +1

    Check out the engine a recycling bin does it have "V-TECH"?
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    CRX and CIVIC body kit 88-91

    Well, can a Civic body kit fit on a Crx?
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    What ECU should I use or can I use??

    I thought they didnt come out with that
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    What ECU should I use or can I use??

    I am doing a mpfi swap onto my auto 89 crx and was wondering which ECU would work best.
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    ECU's does it matter if its automatic or manual?

    Well, I am about to do a MPFI swap into my crx and was wondering does the ECU have to be for automatics or manuals? Are they compatible?
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    HOWTO Compression Test?

    it doesnt have to be extremely tight and when you crank the engine look at the guage if it goes more than half way then to full compression that means its okay. You only need to crank it 3-5 times each cylinder, and it doesnt have to be the fuel fuse any fuse that disables the car from starting...
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    Brand New Garrett T25

    Any vouches on this guy?
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    yeah i got it on my car!

    i dunno whats worse the echo or the civic
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    the trade

    yellow its super fast
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    the trade

    im not diggin the color sorry :ph34r: