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    OBD1 b18c1 with obd1 p72

    what do you mean what do you do about the O2 sensor? You plug it into the exhaust manifold. its pretty much plug and play for everything, just run the two wires needed for VTEC
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    FS: B Series Turbo Kit

    Located in San Francisco. selling a semi complete pieced together B series turbo kit with most of the pieces being brand new and never used. heres all the parts Turbonetics Cast Iron Manifold Turbonetics .48 A/R Housing Garret .50 Trim Turbo Turbonetics Deltagate Mark II Wastegate JRC FMIC...
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    color code

    or just buy a harness
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    need help

    can you be a bit more specific? and a clogged cat shouldn't do that
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    Which exhaust manifold?? 2000 EX body 96 GSR.

    and which jdm motor are we talkin about? b18? b16? k20? k24? H22? F22?
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    itr 98 specs swap to ek 1997 model

    try doing a search first. i found this two threads above yours
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    Flywheel for boost???

    Stock ITR Flywheel is 14lbs... thats what im using, resurfaced. damn haven't posted in here in a lonnnnnnnnnnng time... got a boosted 94 GSR now :D
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    Alarm Sensors hood/door? Where to buy seperate?

    make your shock sensor more sensative, get a prox. sensor, backup battery, and just add a hood pin. Most good alarms come with a hood pin, what kind do you have?
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    FS: Eagle H-beam rods for B18C1/5 NEW*

    where are you located? e-mail me
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    b16a sirII swap into 90 teg

    i can be supportive, but im telling you its worthless. and as I recall, nobody ever owned me on this subject. and yeah my avitar is an XSi cause its clean, not cause of the motor. dude seriously a 1.6 doesn't have enough torque for a heavy ass integra. i've seen the swaps done, driven cars with...
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    ob1 b18b or b20 in DA

    same ecu
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    anyone so cal looking for b18c1 or itr trans?

    yeah i could get a JDM ITR tranny for a little under $1,000
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    Replacing Valve Cover Gasket

    :ditto: :werd: :withstupid: its simple. make sure you torque the valve cover back down properly and use that red gasket maker stuff too. Shouldn't be a problem, its pretty simple.
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    WTB:Koni's for GC's or Tokico Illuminas

    illuminas are great. i'd go with them. but yeah no hook ups. bump
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    ITR header

    naw it won't bolt up. you won't need another pipe, just a small section re-done.
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    grs radiator in 93 civic

    its all aluminum unlike an OEM radiator.
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    Greddy front lip on a 96-98 EJ/K

    nope, bumpers are different
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    Type S intake

    are you talking about just the airbox or the whole intake manifold? If its just the airbox, theres no difference. Maybe just in pipe size, but you could get a K&N drop in filter if you don't wanna get an aftermarket intake.
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    b16a sirII swap into 90 teg

    shouldn't have done it, your cars gonna be slower now.
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    92 integra gsr

    the motor was swapped. thats all. B16a1's came in the JDM CRX's and DA's.