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  1. Jokerluv

    is there no end?

    its a car movie shut up who makes car movies anymore ya know
  2. Jokerluv

    How easy to swap a D15z1 into a 96-99 civic?

    depends on where you live like here in the DFW it wont pass since its a obd I motor in a obd II car
  3. Jokerluv

    bring this place back

  4. Jokerluv

    swoosh vtec controller

    damn im out of the loop swoosh VTEC controller?
  5. Jokerluv

    missle base for sale

    hell yeah
  6. Jokerluv

    Yet another stupid noob ?

    p28 will throw a CEL unles you swap a z6 dizzy
  7. Jokerluv

    WTB 92-95 civic hatch cover

    100 bux at the dealer
  8. Jokerluv

    Dallas Texas Anybody out there?

    fort worth texas
  9. Jokerluv

    NOPI TV & Car Show/NDRA Drag Race

    bring it back to texas :angry:
  10. Jokerluv

    WTF.... I was just at Safeway and...

    safeway is still around? DAMN :huh:
  11. Jokerluv

    First Problem With...

    spybot is good too
  12. Jokerluv

    $50 z6 shortblock and tranny

    damn i need this
  13. Jokerluv

    why was HS closed?

    very well said
  14. Jokerluv

    LS ECU

    thanx that pic help alot :worthy:
  15. Jokerluv

    LS ECU

    i have accuired this LS ecu the part # is 37820-PR4-L60 can anyone tell what model this came out of is it auto , 5 speed? etc? any and all info will be helpful thanx Dave
  16. Jokerluv

    whats your 1/4 mile times???

    17's stock VX
  17. Jokerluv


    so when is the next meet? :D
  18. Jokerluv

    Groundhog Day y0!!

    i want to race
  19. Jokerluv

    GSR lower block girdle

    oh so sweet :worthy: Block Girdle
  20. Jokerluv

    For those that celebrate Xmas...

    been there done that