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    Complete P O S

    South Minneapolis, MN 1995 Red Civic Coupe DX MT The tach stopped working @ 140,000 miles or something but i prolly put about 10k more onto engine. It has that problem with the speed sensor where it dosent connect very well with the gauge so it sometimes will not record milage/ display speed...
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    dude i gave my friend my radiator when he had a JDM B16 AII in his hatch.. it helped a lot!!! get the radiator from "Radiator Doctor" from ebay.. its a KOYO for a civic EG only 100 bucks but its way better than stock its 2 rows and its bomb. stock gets wayyyy hotter. no stock civic radiator...
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    engine swap SOON

    oh fuck yea. THANKS MANG so i could get a mugen p28? or skunk2...?
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    engine swap SOON

    My head gasket as you may know is completly fucked. I just had a shop look at it, oil leaks into coolant, etc.. i am not fixing this fucking d15b7, instead i am going to swap to at least an EX engine. but on the website there is a D15B JDM VTEC Engine without an ECU or...
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    new civic Si

    I WANT TO BUY A NEW civic Si.. i am bouts to move out tho.. and bouts to get all my debt paid off.. how much you guys think this car will cost me? (likee every month) i see its just over 20,000...ugh.. maybe i will get a used GS-R or something, those are 9,000 bucks..i need a diffferent car dont...
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    FS:1990 Civic Si B16

    just HOW rebuilt is this b16..and where is this car.. and do you want to buy my car bitch its a 1995 dx coupe fucked up head gasket.. if the b16 is super nice, you live near minnesota, and you want my car then fuck yea i want this hatch.
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    Head Gasket

    Hahaha. I dont give a fuck about a bandwagon.. its good power for a new motor with low miles on it that keeps my car insurance low..I cant fux with H22 or K series since im poor.. what the fuck do you suggest big genius
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    400 HP Means you are going to want to do some bottom end work and some cylinder head work. You AT least will want some lower compression pistons.. (something like 8.5:1 - 9:1.1).. if not some rods and bearings (ACL bearings and i forgot the other company for main bearings but they make nascar...
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    Head Gasket

    Tight. Thanks guys.. god stupid ass D15B7.. and stupid ass no money.. lol.. looks like jdm SiR 2 in by spring time!!! hollaa
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    Head Gasket

    Hey what company should i go with when i buy head gasket? I am thinking since i have a D15b7 i should get a "performance" one that is meant for NA engines on my stock shit.. but then again i should be swapping in the summer so whats the point.. right? is fel-pro any good? i just cant find any...
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    evo6 or r32 gtr

    wtf evo 6 is way doper than a heavy ass r32... i think evo 6 is my favorite car... BUY IT and then sell it to me
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    i hate my car now

    yea i thought about mini me or ex swap.. but nah i dont need to put all that work in there for no reason... 27 ponies...nah... i think ill swap the HG out and then just keep it mostly stock until its b16 SiR II time baby whoooooo
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    i hate my car now

    I think i am going to shoot myself in the foot
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    i hate my car now

    yea my peoples... i have a hard time starting when there low coolant then i FINALLY start the fucker and rev it a bit, there will be white smoke like a fucker out the back then it drives all crazy, again... i never did replace water pump is it hard?? yall think i can do that myself im all about...
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    i hate my car now

    I replaced my coolant temp sensor and my fucking thermostat and my radiator and my hoses and my fan switch sensor.. and now i know my fan turns on.. so thats like everything in my cooling system.. but my car still over heats after like an hour of driving my temg gauge will rise up and go up and...
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    Fuel Additives

    I would not do that.. your gas tank could melt or something...
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    Check Engine Light

    good stuff its code 17.. VSS... i already know my speedo dont work.. i think that a common problem in EG DX civics at least.. and it seems like its because of the cluster TO the VSS.. not the actual VSS
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    Check Engine Light

    I dont want to use a OBD1 tool on my car cause they are mad pricey and no stores near me can give me free electronic test since it is OBD1 and a civic, or something.. stupid! anyways i forgot the way to make your check engine light flash to determine what the problem is.. can someone tell me how...
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    aww good test but theres no reactive intake.. with autozone filter. lol.. oh well that shit works fine 4 me..
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    Need Brakes BAD

    Shit so im still taking the bus. just getting ahead financially, but coincidentially im getting way hardcore into skateboarding suddenly. i got way better in the last month so i ordered a complete skateboard to replace my target deck shit with a new one that is gonna have bones ceramic...
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