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    OBD0 parts FS

    Stock PG7-50 Socketed PR4-have your Eprom ready, mine dont have a base map 100 OBDO MPFI Wiring harness 80 I do DPFI-MPFI conversions PM for prices. All prices are shipped from Pensacola and are OBO
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    How to check CELS on OBD1 converted vehicles

    I've searched schematics for like 12 hours strait, I cant find the other wire that needs to be jumped with A13 to check my CEL. Somethings going on with it, its redlining at 3k. But, if i shut off and restart real fast, it will act normal as long as Im raping it. when I cruise again or decel...
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    MPFI Swapped 90 EF hatch- Si harness

    hey, just threw a Z6 in my 1990 Std hatch. The wiring was from the old zc, which was a 89. That explained the problem I had with the car, 89 harness was different than 90. My hatch has alreaddy been prepped for MPFI. I got a harness coming from a 90 Crx Si, OBD-0 MPFI to OBD-1 MPFI. Question...
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    WTB EF Engine Harness

    WTB 92- 95 EX D16Z6 harness Found a DX hanress, need a engine harness from a 92-95 Civic with a D16Z6
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    Blackice90hb's Sale thread D-series stuff, ZC and Z6

    D seires alternator- 50 shipped obo EG hatch Wiring harness, vtec solenoid plug still there- 80 shipped obo 4 speed cable Std. trans, lol, 10+ plus shipping, makes a nice doorstop. 5 speed hydro D series trans- 150 + shipping or even trade for a 5 speed cable trans EF full size rad- 20 +...
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    WTT: Z6 trans for A6 trans

    any 5 speed cable trans, preferably Si
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    F/S: ZC Gasket Set

    I bought a complete gasket set, thinking that I was going to rebuild my ZC. Plans changed, im just gonna swap for another ZC, so I dont need these gaskets. I paid $170, I will let them go for 150 shipped. They cover everything from the throttle body to the oil pan to the rear main. Never...
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    WTB Power steering-EF

    Looking for prices on Power Steering Rack and pinion Power steering pump for a Z6 steering fluid lines Resevior 32533 shipped
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    DOHC ZC internals, head

    I need a head for a x2 cam ZC, has to be complete, minus dizzy. vc, cams, also need forged pistions and rods, will go stock or D16A1 if in good condition and low miles and right price. willing to go no more $400 for forged rods and pistons, Im assuming none of you are selling brand new...
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    WTB PM6

    I need to buy a PM6 immediatly, I'm looking to spend $40 shipped, let me see what ya got!!!!!!! 32355 850-602-2739
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    Well, I have a 1990 Civic Std with a 74,xxx mile DOHC ZC (actuall ZC, stamped on block). I left the 4 spd for the longer gear ratios, I planned to have the car setup for Highway runs. Exedy stage 1 clutch (110% more holding power than stock)w/ no more than 20,000 miles on it. It's got a B&M FPR...
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    WTB CRX Si taillights

    Need 88-91 CRX tails, Si would be nice. Not looking to pay more than 40 shipped, I got a mint cond. set of HB tails for cheaper than that. Let me see what ya got!
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    WTB: Cylinder Position Sensor

    Need to buy a good CPS from a DOHC ZC, D16A1, D16A8/9 so I can finish my swap. NEED LIKE YESTERDAY!!!!! Let me know ASAFP! I got a polished complete D16A1 Intake manifold for sale, I'll trade that whole thing for a CPS! I'm in desperate need ppl!! Let me know what you have!! Also have complete...
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    WTB 1990 Integra parts

    Hey, I got a friend with a 1990 Integra GS. He needs a few parts so I told him I'd see what I could get.... Here's the list: Door panels (l+r) Rear Hatch door CD player Exhaust Headers Spark plug wires
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    Need Civic/CRX SI CIVIC EX wiring harness 1998-91

    Dammit, somebody has to have one. offerring 60 shipped, I dont care what condition its in, I just want it for the dizzy plug and cylinder position sensor wiring. lmk asap
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    Ditchin the D series

    OK heres the deal-I plan on buying a certain B16A complete bottom end, oil pan's been tapped for turbo,motor ran 12.6's on slicks and 6 psi in an EF before the owner used the head for a LS/Vtec build. I saw a B18a head for pretty cheap, then I started tinking. If I'm right, the b18a has lower...
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    V/C and I/M stud questions

    is it possible to replace the studs that bolt on the I/M and the V/C? the bolts on my stock I/M were rusted on, 2 are stripped out (soon to be die grinded off) and one came out with the stud. aslo, on my V/C one the studs broke, so i gotta replace that. Willthe dealership have em, or will...
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    WTB some more stuff

    I need another D16A6 harness side dizzy plug, I dont know where I left mine. Also I need a Civic/Crx Si Wiring harness. I heard that you cant use a Si harness on a Std. Chassis, that's not true is it? I plan on ditching my D15 in Feb. for a D16A8 or 9 and I'm really not wanting to waste time...
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    fuel rail question

    I need to know if the fuel rail from a D16A1 fits on a D16A6. I dont have both so I cant test it to find out. Im looking for a D16A6 I/M, but I have the fuel rail from a D16A1 I/M i'd like to use. thanks.
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    F/S or Trade- D16A1 Intake mani

    What I got for sale is the polished D16A1 Intake manifold I bought from B16Racer2NR (thanks again for the parts). It's in perfect condition. B16 did a good ass polishing job on it. It has all sensors. I'm keeping the fuel rail, injectors and resistor box. But, like I said all the sesors are...
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