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  1. Drake

    Happy thanksgiving

    Hope everyone had a good one!
  2. Drake

    RIP, Airjockie, We lost a great one.

    RIP, this is just terrible.
  3. Drake

    Any Old School Members?

    Heyo something in the air making the oldies show up
  4. Drake

    Hurricane Season

    Everyone over that direction be safe.
  5. Drake


    A very happy birthday to you
  6. Drake

    Happy Thanksgiving everyone

    Happy days indeed. Hope you all have a good one no matter what you do or don't do.
  7. Drake

    the 2016 Election thread

    Well come on down to WA to get that sweet 11 dollar minimum wage in a month and a half. I did vote but I live on the wrong side of the state so we get ignored.
  8. Drake

    Olympics 2016

    I've watched most of the track cycling, road races some volleyball and swimming. Looking forward to seeing Peter Sagan in the mountain bike race on Sunday though.
  9. Drake

    Double black diamond downhill run on a Walmart Huffy?

    Well that was intense. The other series he mentions is pretty good too.
  10. Drake

    any cyclists?

    A heart to keep you safe while riding!
  11. Drake

    Anyone into OCR? (Or other endurance running)

    I did a local 5k obstacle run with one of my sister's in law last year for a non profit that supports adults with mental health issues. It was a good time. I gained back the 20 pounds I lost last year so I'm pretty much starting over this season. I'd be interested in doing another event like...
  12. Drake

    Happy Birfday Chad

    Well the title said it already but happy birthday @chadcharb Have a good one brother
  13. Drake

    No wonder the CPSC hates go karts

    I hope you clear coat the floor pan art. That needs to be preserved for future generations.
  14. Drake

    Happy Birthday B

    Happy birthday mang. Hope it is a great one.
  15. Drake

    No wonder the CPSC hates go karts

    At this rate the new frame will be shipped by next weekend.
  16. Drake

    No wonder the CPSC hates go karts

    Most excellent!
  17. Drake

    happy bday Colin

    Happy birthday man!
  18. Drake

    No wonder the CPSC hates go karts

    Looking forward to seeing the beverage holder mount
  19. Drake

    Amateur Radio

    Awesome stuff. Thanks for sharing. I havnt done anything the last year. I still need to get my cert sent off to the group that does the digital stuff so I can at least get some time on some nets.
  20. Drake

    I have no memory of this place...

    Recked has it covered. Just working these days and raising kids.
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