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  1. MadMaXXX

    McCain chose woman VP (Palin)=win

    kill kill kill da white man!
  2. MadMaXXX

    WoW, A whole new level of nerdyness

    They do have pedals that you hook up to your monitor to keep it on.
  3. MadMaXXX

    WoW, A whole new level of nerdyness

    That should be mandatory, so that all the fat asses playing that game get in shape.
  4. MadMaXXX

    new Fast and Furious movie trailer

    The premise of this film is that the price of gas is so expensive that they have to resort to robbing fuel trucks to keep their tunned rides, with shitty gas mileage, going. The mad max films would have been so much duller if only he had driven a civic.
  5. MadMaXXX

    ugliest Prius EVER

    That actually makes pretty good sense. With the prius battery pack, they can jack up the sound system and not worry about it dying.
  6. MadMaXXX

    Mustang + Corvette =

    looks pretty damn good to me
  7. MadMaXXX

    jack o lantern ideals

  8. MadMaXXX

    wireless electricty

    through magnetism ehh? i can already imagine the massive interference if this crap in implemented.
  9. MadMaXXX

    Bathroom Remodel Contest Part Deux

    I dont know if its the camera or what, but most of those bathrooms don't look too bad. I was expecting something along the lines of the worst toilet in Scotland. Regardless, yours was definitely one of the worst ones.
  10. MadMaXXX

    So, I've been "e-fighting" with some local dude...

    Its probably some dumb kid having a laugh. You are playing right into his game. As if he will actually show up and confront you. I very much doubt any info he gave you is true. I say just leave it alone, unless you enjoy the entertainment value of this whole thing.
  11. MadMaXXX

    Bigfoot caught?

    How lame is that; the vagueness of their info hurts the credibility of their claim.
  12. MadMaXXX

    Quantum of Solace theme

    apparently Alicia Keys. :thumbsdown: doubt it will be better than the above.
  13. MadMaXXX

    Quantum of Solace theme

    cant get this song out of my head TMoJRLStD9c
  14. MadMaXXX


    Hope you get a definite result soon. Cant let them cut you up too much, for nothing.
  15. MadMaXXX

    Shaquille O'Neal buys smart car

    in da club:
  16. MadMaXXX

    I bet these police officers don't get off easy

    Too bad the only time an investigation into their conduct, because of such circumstances, would be opened in when they bust into the mayor's house.
  17. MadMaXXX

    Shaquille O'Neal buys smart car

    That crazy mutha fucker. First, asking kobe how his ass tastes, and now getting a smart car.
  18. MadMaXXX

    Bugatti Veyron crash

    :werd: video should be called Bugatti Veyron Bump
  19. MadMaXXX

    Story of a worthless human being

    From the looks of it, the only solution would be to move out. Until then, you will just have to put up with it.
  20. MadMaXXX

    Genetics and Eye Color?

    I'm afraid its more complicated than that. There are in fact three genes that control eye color and a slew of modifiers that affect it as well. Two of those genes are used in that simplified biological model that you are talking about. I learned that model in biology as well, but soon came to...
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