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    DIY: Shaved license plate holes

    nope kitty hair Products: FE869 - Kitty Hair, Gallon tiger hair is the older version of kitty hair, sand a bit easier, smaller strands
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    Painted Interior......

    YA but why buy an epensive primer when you can run cheaper primer with a flex additive
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    How to clean head and pistons?

    heavy duty de greaser, or a good hot tank
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    Modifying Seat Brackets, 92 Accord...

    best way pull the stock seat, unbolt the brackets, bolt brakets back into car. Take racing seat sit on brackes mark the holes and drill. If the holes dont line up you will need to modify the stock brackets, buy welding two peices of flat bar across the brakets and inline with the bolt holes
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    DIY: Shaved license plate holes

    good job but next time just use kitty hair, it works better than fiber glass
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    Does anyone know how to SHAvE anything

    they sell a module that prevents a battery from draining. Or use a second small battery on an isolator. Or leave the trunk, or hatch on a key. Also a 15lb will work on a honda door.
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    Painted Interior......

    i woulg use a good addhesion promtor, then a good primer with flex additive, then a paint with flex additive, then a clear, Be it gloos or satin
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    totaled 98 civic.. replacing front subframe,,

    if you are reselling you will need a proper inspection and good luck gett full resale value out of a rebuilt title car
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    longest mounth ever

    Just got home from a 7 week Reno from hell. 1800 dollar phone bill was waiting and I suspect I will have another coming. So y aim back for 1 week then off again to get the finishing done. 3200sqft condo. And man will I be glad 4 weeks from now when it’s done
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    I'm a noob

    have you flushed the brake system? and tried adjusting the brakes?
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    best ad from the game?

    that doritos cost 12$ to make hahas
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    chipping a pm6 would be a good site to look at
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    stroker kit for f22

    but you just got your stroker kit? and dyno'd? wow and only hondata? wow
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    stroker kit for f22

    I call bullshit custom cams and piston who built the motor? who did the tunning?
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    Price reasonable for swap?-> my car issue.

    noob came in told me Well tried to tell me who what where when and why, got ass raped end of story
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    12v momentary switches

    I found some on egay?
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    Price reasonable for swap?-> my car issue.

    what have you done I/E ?
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    My del sol needs help.. will you answer a few Questions?

    if you search there are loads of how tos for the swap and wiring
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    Installing a v-teck controller v-afc2 Apexi any help is useful!!

    Sorry but your a know it all shit and your car make s4000hp? stock
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