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  1. lsvtec

    Any C++ developers here?

    I have an STL question, what would cause the vector.begin( ) method to SIGSEGV? (I am sure that the vector in question was constructed properly)
  2. lsvtec

    I was just joking about Intel == Gillette

    But it turns out Otellini really has been hanging with the Gillette execs. Intel pledges 80 cores in five years | CNET Who the hell needs 80 cores on a single chip???
  3. lsvtec

    Don't run linux?

    For those of you that don't run linux or run it, but not as your primary OS, why? What keeps you from using it full or almost full time?
  4. lsvtec

    Is there a truly free ECU programming setup?

    So I know that Uberdata doesn't cost anything but it is not really free. I know that some people have used it without problems but it makes me nervous to use software to tune an investment like a car where I have no recourse. With Hondata, at least I have paid for it and we have some kind of...
  5. lsvtec

    Wow, it has been a while

    A long while. Probably 3 years since I have been around here. I am glad to see the forum is still up and has managed to avoid all the drama that consumed many of the other communities I had seen. There is either not much to way too much to tell. My wife and I got married last December 7 days...
  6. lsvtec

    What is the death possibility when

    So I was driving back to work yesterday when I shifted from 8000 in 1st to 2nd gear and the car lost all power. I stopped on the side of the road and it would idle but would not rev over 1000 RPM with the throttle floored. Turns out my intake gear slipped. What are the chances that I bent the...
  7. lsvtec

    Anyone in Raleigh/Durham area?

    I am going to be here until the middle of August, just wondering if anyone else is here.
  8. lsvtec

    SRS Code 11

    What does it mean? I do not have a Helms for this car (98 Civic).
  9. lsvtec

    Feeding audio signal from laptop to Sony HU

    I need to know how to feed audio input through the RCA jacks labeled Bus Audio In on the back of my head unit. I am trying to play MP3's from my laptop to my stereo. Does anyone know what I need to make this work? I have already tried simply feeding a 1/8" to RAC plug from the laptop to the...
  10. lsvtec

    ncurses & C++ question

    I am looking into using ncursesxx to write a basic GUI. Has anyone used this library before or NDK++? I am finding that like most open source code it is poorly organized and the documentation is worse. Linux will never survive with lazy coders contributing</rant>
  11. lsvtec

    A sad day in Russia

    Please keep these children and their parents and loved ones in your thoughts and or prayers. What ever the cause, this is unacceptable. These children were completely innocent, they had nothing to do with the Russian/Chechneyan conflict. There is a...
  12. lsvtec

    Google falls to MyDoom Took me a few minutes to remember URLs to other search engines I used to use.
  13. lsvtec

    Remember to roll the window down before throwing
  14. lsvtec

    In the category of "Hey Ya'll, watch this"
  15. lsvtec

    Today's round of supreme justice brought to you
  16. lsvtec

    Don't brits make you feel better about yourself?,405...1^13762,00.html,405...5E13762,00.html Just wow.
  17. lsvtec

    What the spaniard said to the bull right before

    :lmao: Picture is funny, the rest is up for Darwin award. Gee, I wonder what will happen when I get in front of 1 ton of angry beef with horns??
  18. lsvtec

    Help on LSVTEC

    I got: 94 Ls block stock 95 gsr head stock Itr pistons,rings, and rods(not installed) I dont have a tranny yet cause i really havent had any straight answers from anyone so a recomendation would be great. OK what I wanted to know was, will my Ls crank be able to handle the itr pistons, and...
  19. lsvtec

    Looking at buying a 2nd gen MR2 turbo

    Any advice/information on what I should look for in this car?
  20. lsvtec

    Looking to Sell the Integra

    I am looking to sell my Integra, I just don't have anywhere to race it where I live and it is a waste of this car. I want to buy something that I can drive around for the rest of school until I can afford something fun. Here is the a little info on the car: Chassis has ~140K miles on it...
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