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  1. scottp11

    What rims are you on? post pics!

    I thought I had pic's of my wheels on this thread, but I guess not. Here they are anyway... My old wheels... ...and both of my current wheels
  2. scottp11

    Valve covers!!!

    Going to paint it tomorrow... I spent about 2 hours getting it perfectly straight...
  3. scottp11

    Valve covers!!!

    Looks good man!!
  4. scottp11

    Valve covers!!!

    Wow. How about this? Strip the valve cover, polish the "H" and/or the the letters, put some chapstick/vaseline over the "H" and/or letters, paint the valve cover, then wipe the chapstick/vaseline off.......... Was it really that difficult to understand?
  5. scottp11

    Valve covers!!!

    Chapstick works really well instead of tape. Just spread chapstick over the letters, paint, then wipe it off...
  6. scottp11

    Best header for 97 ITR engine?

    That SMSP header is pure sex!
  7. scottp11

    what is this

    They have them here, Memoryfab - Honda Civic Aero Parts : Whitecrow but like you said, $600-$700 bucks. Plus 6-8 weeks delivery. It's probably my favorite bumper for the 92-95 civic ever though.
  8. scottp11

    needing some help with my f22 to hss swap

    What exactly do you think the MSD ignition blaster coil 2 will do for you? I can post up a diagram for you, but I would like to know your reason for using it... :huh:
  9. scottp11

    needing some help with my f22 to hss swap

    Nope.... You can use your stock 97 Accord harness, just add wires for the secondary intake runners (if you're using the stock prelude intake manifold), vtec pressure switch, vtec solenoid, and knock sensor. You're OBD-2 to OBD-1 jumper harness will plug right up to your stock Accord harness that...
  10. scottp11

    noob b16a swap help

    Unless it's an Si, right? I don't think he said so in his beginning topic... Also, it depends if he's staying OBD-0 or going to OBD-1, on how much work he's actually gotta do...
  11. scottp11

    Valve covers!!!

    These are a couple of my all-time favorites. I can't decide which one I like the best.... 24 Karat gold plated... Homer Simpson, "D'OH!!" and the Los Angeles valve cover... Enjoy!!!
  12. scottp11

    F22 to H22

    Here's the link: Honda Accord Engine Swap - Tech - Honda Tuning Magazine
  13. scottp11

    F22 to H22

    Hasport makes mounts to put a K24 in accords....
  14. scottp11

    how much work does it take for a k20 swap?

    Wow, there is so much wrong information on this site now....
  15. scottp11

    Whos Is This!!!

    Honda-tech, Hondaswap < NWP4LIFE!!! :ph34r:
  16. scottp11

    Valve covers!!!

    I never understood why people still mess with SOHC's... To each his own though. Valve cover looks good.
  17. scottp11

    Carbon build up removal...?

    Thanks man, but I don't have access to a hot tank. Anything else? My brother told me to look for some stuff called "Chem-tool B12" or somethin'... I never heard of it. Any other suggestions?
  18. scottp11

    Valve covers!!!

    Thanks man, I'm not exactly sure what I'm gonna do with it, but it's gonna be fire guarenteed! :ph34r:
  19. scottp11

    Valve covers!!!

    Mine, as it stands right now...
  20. scottp11

    Real or Fake Spoon radiator??? HELP!!!

    Nope, like this..................... I really don't think its real... Real ones look like this...
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