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    some decent supercars on ebay...

    F40 :drool::drool::drool:
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    ^^ Rofl
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    Cartoon Character Thread

    Guess I'll join too... Hook up with Rinoa from FF VIII Fight against Kakashi from Naruto :ph34r:
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    File Sharing

    I have the same problem here too. All I just do is move the file/folder out of the shared folder and move them right back in, this fixes the problem. I would still really like to know why it does this.. never found the problem.
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    03 si acc belt

    Nevermind.. I got it..
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    03 si acc belt

    Helping a friend work on his 03 si. Need help installing the acc belt. We know that there is an auto tensioner, but how do you loosen it?
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    radiator question

    No. You need one for the auto trans. Manual trans doesn't have the cooler lines...
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    Please help me! about 130+ views no response lol. Oil Pump question, engine downgrade

    You can make it work with the sub-harness and correct ecu. The main question is do you live in a state that requires emission testing. If you do then you would fail the test. On 96+ vehicles, they just plug in a computer to your daignostic port and pull codes. If no codes come up then you're...
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    ok so my b18 was acting funny yesterday

    Its like going to your favorite food joint. You mainly go there cause you like the food. Now do the same for your car, find a station that has good gas and only fill up there. Just remember that there are a lot of different kind/blend of gas out there.
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    Please help me! about 130+ views no response lol. Oil Pump question, engine downgrade

    You broke two sockets?? You were using the impact sockets right (the black ones)?? If the motor still runs and is in the car, just drive it to a garage and ask if they can loosen it for you with there impact guns. Since you working on oil pump already, just drop the oil pan and wedge a peice...
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    great deal for anyone looking to buy tires..

    Just bought me my snow tires!! Hell Yeah! 100 bucks off and free shipping!! Thanks for the heads up!!
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    99 Civic EX 125K miles

    Done a complete tune-up yet?? (spark plugs, spark plug wires, dist cap and rotor, intake air filter, fuel filter, fuel system cleaner) The only things I recomend first is change the fuel filter and put in a bottle of them water remover for your fuel system. Might as well just buy the bottle...
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    Is my water pump going bad

    Since everything looks like its working as it should, sounds like a bad or wrong thermostat. White stuff on the sparkplugs means the motor was running too hot. Since you're boosting, I would say get a set of colder sparkplugs (assuming that the current ones are stock).
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    Is my water pump going bad

    Was there any work done to motor right before this started happening?? Does it draw any coolant from your revervior when getting hot?? Did you try using your heater core as an extra radiator (i.e. turn heater all the way up and on high)?? This step also forces air bubbles, if any out of the...
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    Engine overheating please help

    You did fill up the block AND the radiator right?? Bleed the coolant system?? Leaking anywhere??
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    Is my water pump going bad

    How old is your radiator?? What's the condition of your radiator?? Could be that your radiator is begining to fail or getting clogged up. I would inspect the radiator first before considering getting at the water pump.
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    Who on this board actually owns a honda?

    Still have the Fo-do... going 7yrs now... My other is the Yamaha : )
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    ls/vtec build....

    Setup sounds pretty nice. Just pick up a better tranny and it would be pretty quick.
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    Showoff Thread *DO NOT ENTER*

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