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    my rex project a track toy!

    when i got this car i dident take pic i shold have! well when i got it it had- no doors-no fenders-no hood-no front end at all- was not running- and the interior was gutted and still is andthe goods it came with-roll bar-racein springs-catback 2.5 exhaust the car was a lime rock racer he said...
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    Ls 1.8 in to a std HB last qustion!

    ok guys this is still the std hatchy i had to re wire it the first time it was done it was runnin odd so now it is running and the axles are in!! ok i swaped the hubs off my crx on to the stdHB so i can run the teggy axles and i put the std axles and hubs on the crx!! ok it all went...
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    lil mpfi swap help

    ok i did the swap i post befor i was doing a ls swap and needed a lil help i got some one to post up a digram and it worked perfect the ls runs mint! ok now for my problum i have a 88 crx thatr i used the same digram to do the mpfi swap and now it is throwing fule for shure but i...
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    1988 crx for sale wit tons of extras

    ok first of all it is not mine it belongs to my cousin!! it is located in bristol ct it needs to be towed away the motor and tranny are no it in! it is all stock no rott at all!!!!! fenders are dented in a lil tho it is silver it is loaded wit parts rear disc swap, ticiko struts, coil overs...
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    H22 in a crx?????

    can it be done? do they sella mount kit?? and how hard is this to wire? i just picked up a free crx dx MINT body roll cage gutted for drags i got a h22 build and the tranyn and shit i was ggin to convert the car to hydro clutch no matter what!!!! but how hard is this swap to do and has...
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    need to buy asap!!

    ok i did a ls swap on a civic hb and i need a mid shaft and a shift linkage ASAP like tommrow asap i need to get that lil shit done so it can be towed to my boy's shop to be wired up!!! so if any one located in ct i will come and remove tha parts my self but i am not willing to spend...
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    driftin civic i guess so kill the wing and it a look ok i guess :blink:
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    i know i will get hell for this qustion but i need help

    ok dont kill me guys i am not a older honda guy i got a 94 eg hatchy but i need ot know this cuz i am workin on a 91 civic std i think they will call it? it is a stock bottom of the line white 91 hatchy wit a 4 speed!!! ok heres the deal my friend bought a ls swap for her car off here ...
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    wtb eg part

    i need the stock side skit for a eg hatchy driver side
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    ok this is been here to long some 1 buy it

    88 si crx hatch BO! 88 crx si seats BO! 88 crx si headlights BO! teggy blu seatsBO! teggy blu and gray seats!! teggy tan seats BO! pm5 ecuBO!!! 40/40 porp vavlueBO!!! eg dash dezel part wit the vents in it BO! 88 crx cluster wit tach in it i thin kit is siBO!!! player wire wheels...
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    f/s fresh form the junk yard

    did a junk yard run today and i got p06 ecu out of 94 civic 2 door pm5 ecu out od 91 civic HB 40/40 prop valvue out of a teggy make me offers!!
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    truck for sale or trade

    ok this is not my truck but a good freind of mine's truck!! it is 1988 mazda b2200 pickup extra cab!! power stering ac cc 5 speed crome wheels stock tach in the dash stock sound system new exhaust tune up and fluides had one dent in it that can be poped out no frame rott( mazda are known for...
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    axle help!!! b18 swap in eg

    i am swappin in the h22 but i can let this problum i got now go unknown to me! i got a b18 swap done to me eg for a good 8 months i drove it every where and i mean every where wit me job i can put a good 300 miles on it a night hell the night after i did the swap i drive it to NH and...
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    BAD SELLER!!!!!!

    ok well i made a deal wit him and a second party on this. i sold my Bseries stuff to a buddy of mine for 650. to save paypal fees i had him just send the 650 to EG6 RACER 94 and he did the kid got the money and paied for a ticket "he says" and after he shipped out the motor i would pay...
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    cool site for buyin swaps and JDMshit

    even if your not affiliated with this company, advertising in this section is for users trying to empty out their closets, not to increase a bussiness sales. sorry.
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    street raceing anyone?

    here are a few pics of what i do on the weekend! me and my boy shane are buiulding a web site as i speak of the ct streets we will have it up soo i hope street raceing autocross drag strip carshows dony days all the good stuff1 i will get a web adress up as soon as he finishes it here few pics!
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    another h22 swap help post but different car

    hey guys i am giveing up on the b18. i gettina h22 i am told it come with every thing i need to swap it in to me 94 eghatchy. but no axels! is there a swap list around here or dose any one know what i need off the top of ther ehead or waht mods i got to do to my car to make it fit????? any...
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    sellin out!!!!! goging bigger!!!

    ok i changed my mind!!!! i am doing H22!! i got a deal on the whole swap so now all my stuff must go!!!!!!!! the list! my runing drive train!! motor tranny ecu axles hedder intake all lof it!! my motor b18a1 dc hedder K&n cold air intake crower 403 all motor cams cam gears i put new rings in it...
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    f/s list,turbo stuff,B,D,crx, stuff

    2 B series T/B's 1 D series T/B best offer on them!!!! 1988 crx si tail lights a lil primer over spray on one( a lil thinner and will go away) 50$ obo O2 sensor for a obd1 car still works mintB/O and a shit load of ls injectors and a fule rail wit injectors off a b18b make offers on what...
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    B parts!!!!! F/S and i need some

    ok i got T/B's tons of them all B sreies and 1 Dseries B/O b18b intake manny wit T/B,injectors, and fuel rail B/O dizzy off a obd2 b18 B/O grant steering wheel wit quick dissconect 100$ seat's seat's seat's B/O 3 compleat stock head's obd1 o2 sensor still good any pics needed pm me or...
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