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    Wtb 91 integra AC compressor

    i need a AC compressor that is in good working condtion for my 91 acura integra, anyone got one for cheap let me know, thanks
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    WTB 91 integra dizzy

    i need one, mine went bad thanks
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    Fs: Slim Turbo Raditator Fan, JDM Wire Cover

    I have one slim 12 inch push or pull rad fan for turbo cars. Comes with the wiring and mounts all brand new in box. Never used. 45 shipped one jdm spark plug cover. works for b16's and b18c's 30 shipped I have 2 b18 valve covers one is for a b18a and one is for a b18b, one is painted read...
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    92 d16z6 turbo hatchback for sale

    I am looking to see how much i chould get for my 92 civic hatchback Here is a list of the shit done to it 92 civic hatchback d16z6 motor Zex 2 step colder plugs d16y8 tranny New Axles New clutch t3 Garrett Down2turbo Internally gated at 10psi SSautoshit manfiold Stealthmode oil line kit...
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    Brand New Magnaflow Legal Hi-Flow Cat

    I have one brand new Magnaflow Hi flow cat, Never used and its 100 percent legal. It is for turbo applications. It has 2.5 inlet and outlets. Its not a crappy ebay cat. It comes with a lifetime warranty card from the manufactor. i payed 80 dollars for it and im asking 50 bucks shipped. I only...
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    Cheap stuff, valve covers, header, rims, AC parts

    d16z6 oil pan, 20 bucks plus shippin Willem Dual Power Eprom Programmer NEW NEW 45 shipped (burner) EG Condensor 20 plus shipping EG Condensor Fan 15 plus shipping EG Radiator fan 20 plus shipping EG Accummlator 20 plus shipping B Series Vtec Spark plug wire cover 20 plus shipping D...
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    WTB tuner lug nits 8

    I need 8 tunner lug nuts, the ones that are small and thin, Cuase i bought 2 rims for the rear of my car, and the stock lug nuts are to big, so i need the tuner ones, i believe all the tuner ones have a lock for them to, if anyone got some just laying around they can part with cheap, then let me...
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    Willem Dual Power Eprom Programmer Burner and

    I bought these from Xcreon or whatever and never used them So they are both BRAND NEW I whould like to sell them as a package deal for 75 dollars shipped Price dropped to 65 shipped, thats the lowest ill go This is what you get Willem Dual Power Eprom Programmer with the cables to hook into...
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    cheap parts, valve covers, ac stuff, header, timing

    d16z6 oil pan dont dents, 20 bucks plus shipping SRS airbag impact sensor 20 plus shipping Radiator Fan 20 plus shipping perfect condtion EG condensor 30 plus shipping EG condensor fan 20 plus shipping Accumalter for AC 20 plus shipping Ac lines 15 plus shipping stock d16z6 injectors 15 plus...
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    i need a cheap ass d16z6 block, bare is fine, as long as the cyclinder walls arent cracked or egg shaped. Check my for sale post to see if theres anything u whould wanna trade me for thanks
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    D16 or D15 Header, Ceramic Painted, Great shape

    I need money ASAP, i pulled this thing off my civic to put my turbo on, I bought the car with this on it so i dont know what type it is. It doesnt look like a cheapo ebay type tho,. The welds look very nice. Very nice material used. O2 bung on it, and its ceramic painted light grey. When i had...
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    Header, test pipe, injectors, BOV elbow, Ac stuff,

    I have 1 d16z6 oil pan, No dents im asking 35 bucks and 20 dollars to ship it cuase its big thats 55 shipped son 1 D series header. Dont no what type of header it is, came with my car, it looks like it was cermaic painted gray. O2 bung up top, Nice looking welds and ports on the inside. this...
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    What tranny is this

    What type of tranny is this car out of , it says s40 on it
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    p28 ecu Virgin 5 speed

    I have a p28 5 speed sohc vtec obd1 ecu i just pulled from my car so i can use my stand alond ecu for my turbo project, im asking 110 shipped which is a good price cuase u can rarley find them for 120 and thats a good price, 110 shipped gets it PAYPAL ONLY
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    I WILL trade my rims and tires for ANYONES almost

    I have these 15 inch rims that came on my car when i got it and it dont like them They are in great condtion. No curb marks, no bent rims. They come with 185 60 15 tires, 2 of the tires have inside wear, and 2 of them are in great condtion. They are lightweight, but dont know what brand they...
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    New Autometer 2 Gauge pillar and JDM plug cover

    I have one A pillar autometer 2 gauge pod. Never used. It is for Eg civics and probly will work on other civics, It comes wtih instructions, and hardware. It will hold two 2 1/16 gauges im asking 30.00 shipped SOLD SOLD SOLD I have one JDM spark plug wire cover. Fits all b series v tec...
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    New test pipe 2.5

    I have a brand new 2.5 test pipe that replaces ur cat. It comes will all bolts, springs bolts, nuts and flanges and everything u need. It is not cheapo SS ebay shit either. Im asking 50 shipped. It is direct fit to stock eg's and u can make it work on alot of others
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    WTB eg coupe interor, hood, lf fender, rear bumper

    I need 1: the little cover that covers the right side side mirror, the cover that is on the inside of the car 2: The whole plastic pieace that goes from the RR seat arm rest kinda thing to the back hatch, that whole pieace that goes on the side 3, And if anyones got one cheap a rear bumper And...
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    z6 oil pan, turbo ready, Autometer A/f Gauge NEW

    I have one d16z6 oil pan tapped for turbo, it has a -10 AN fitting professinally welded into it. It comes with a brand new Oil pan Gasket as well, Im asking 65 shipped I have 1 Brand New Air Fuel Autometer Gauge. Its a Ultra Light white face type. im asking 40 shipped for it SOLD SOLD SOLD
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    i need a y8 oil pan tapped for turbo

    i need a y8 oil pan tapped for turbo
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