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  1. MadMaXXX

    Quantum of Solace theme

    cant get this song out of my head TMoJRLStD9c
  2. MadMaXXX

    Yet another fuel efficient car 282 mpg

    Laugh at High Gas Prices With a 282-mpg VW | Autopia from Except this one is actually ready, and will be, produced. Also, looks about as safe as a bike.
  3. MadMaXXX

    My Amstel light tastes bad

    well, not like shit, but a lot different then what i am used to. It tastes more like becks. Can this be because of the worldwide hops shortage or did i just get a bad batch?
  4. MadMaXXX

    rant: super hero films suck ass

    especially all this marvel crap they have been regurgitating as of late. I mean, spider man was a decent film, but it all went downhill from there. everything else has been unimpressive, yet still yields box office success. and now, they are on their way to make captain america and avengers...
  5. MadMaXXX

    parking tickets in other states

    so, i got a parking ticket, but my vehicle is not registered in that state. to pay or not to pay? that is the question.
  6. MadMaXXX

    Drug tests to get more difficult

    Idaho National Laboratory - Feature Story - Baring Your Identity - Anit-body test to crack down on drug cheaters Long story short, they are using antibodies to identify whether the urine sample belongs to the person getting tested.
  7. MadMaXXX

    kill terrorists with their own weapons

    Dean's World: Fighting Fire With ... fun article i found on how the army should deal with insurgency. Now thats thinking outside the box.
  8. MadMaXXX

    New smart double-decker

    YouTube - Fifth gear: Double decker smart.
  9. MadMaXXX

    Get ready for Space Wars

    AP: U.S. to shoot down errant satellite -
  10. MadMaXXX

    thinkin of switchin to linux

    I know there are quite a few members who use linux here, and lately windows has just been getting on my nerves, even with a fresh reinstall soI am considering Linux. Also, i have an athlon 64 3000, so i thought that i might as well take advantage of this and go 64. Now i wouldnt say that I am...
  11. MadMaXXX

    I'd like to be six again

    A man was sitting on the edge of the bed, observing his wife turning back and forth, looking at herself in the mirror. Since her birthday was not far off, he asked what she'd like to have for her birthday. I'd like to be six again, she replied, still looking in the mirror. On...
  12. MadMaXXX

    Top gear coming to US

    NBC Bringing Top Gear Pilot to United States im skeptical that it will keep its edge with a whole new cast and all, but hope that it will at least be somewhat interesting
  13. MadMaXXX

    Something for airjockie

    cut me off at the knees and call me tripod... NWS for banner ads
  14. MadMaXXX

    online dating tips

    Alt Text: Foolproof Online Dating Tips for Desperate Guys
  15. MadMaXXX

    turn your civic into a 95 mpg monster

    The Aerocivic: Ugly as Sin, But Hey - It Gets 95 MPG | Autopia from looks badass too
  16. MadMaXXX

    Need help IDing Image. Going Nuts

    hey guys. i saw a very interesting image in the form of a tatoo and would like to know where it came from. Someone told me that it was perhaps from a book anyways, help me out. Im obsessed with it.
  17. MadMaXXX

    El Camino makes a comeback

    First Drive: 2007 Holden VE Utility
  18. MadMaXXX

    stupid sound card question

    i have built in audio on my motherboard and lately i have been trying to get these guitar amp programs to work with no luck. So, i think i need an external sound card correct?
  19. MadMaXXX


    YouTube - Overdrift Haven’t actually seen Tokyo drift, but the beginning of this parody is pretty funny.
  20. MadMaXXX

    EK Power window/locks conversion

    SOLDparts came out of a 97 ex and works for any hatch or coupe 96-2000SOLD I would like 200$ Located in the Atlanta area, local pickup prefered Includes everything you see
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