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    Chef from Southpark is no mo

    wow, you know, come to think of it, i havent seen Chef in a while.....
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    Got to love the weather.

    it actually snowed a little bit here in Vegas the other day. nothing major, not sticking, but rather interesting to see. man, thats why i moved out of CT, i get here and it snows, WTF!!!
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    The BEST impressionist i've ever heard!

    he is the movie voice dude. thats the guy. he's pretty funny too
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    No Superbowl threads!?!??!

    fuck the superbowl and it would be a great day for driving, but work owns me today. that and i dont have a car that is that fun to drive. coming from the miata and the lude, its like i'm drivin a toyodillac and the blonde in the back looks like the devil. foolsball is for da devil!!!
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    i'm outta here..

    ah Home :wub: i miss CT, but no way in hell am i leavin. AAAAAHHHHHH HHHHHHAAAAAA!!!!! no mo snow fo me
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    i'm so damn confused

    bought new rca's and still nothing. new fuses. replaced everything pretty much. i'm too frustrated with it so i'll bring it somewhere. spent almost a week trying to figure this out.
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    i'm so damn confused

    checked and rechecked everything. all fuses are good. all connections are good. do you think it could be the radio itself? i mean i don't see why its not working. edit: bought a new radio, still didnt work
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    i'm so damn confused

    ok, i had 2 10's w/ a 450w amp. i switched to an 800w amp and my subs didn't work. i went back to the 450w and they still didn't work. i thought it was the subs so i went and bought 2 brand new kenwood subs. installed w/ the 800w amp and still not working. the amp has power, all the wires...
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    i need help

    nah, i didnt. but would me not having the right bulbs in the front disable the rear also? i mean the turn signals work fine, hazards fine, but only when i hit the button on the remote they dont work. think i blew a fuse somehow? oh, and my bad for the wrong section, i figure it would get more...
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    i need help

    so i installed some black housing headlights on my 01 Toyota Solara. before i put them on, when i would lock/unlock the doors with the remote the turn signals would flash. no they dont. i dont understand. and its not just the front, the rears dont flash either, and i was no where near the...
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    ebay car of the week

    funny shit the paint/vinyl (whatever the fuck it is) is ugly. the rest is nice. the interior is pimp. all besides the 14 ft tall shifter and phyre is gay :finger:
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    Uh...yea, more drama?

    ^^^^ thats a good deal man. do it
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    as of today i can now...

    ...get drunk legally. yes i can. and i'm in vegas. good times to come.
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    R.I.P. Del Sol 1993-2005

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    FS: CLEAN 94 Integra RACE CAR(Drag only) for sale!

    i'll bump for you. i swear i've seen this on here a few months ago. it is kind of hard to forget
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    I'm back in the game, bitches!

    i had some ebay coilovers "bomz" on my '93 lude. they were alright, a lil bumpy, but as mentioned before, you get what you pay for. the funny thing is i bought them to raise my car, not lower it. whoever had it before me cut the springs.
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    Got a new car.

    good score. i'm in the process of saving up for an '06 Si right now. about to get set up with a 00? toyota solara w/ 105k to drive around in and have for a trade in.
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    AcuraBot.... ?

    i am. :disgust:
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    car audio questions

    off topic, but At The Drive In is a great band :happydance:
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    WTB- Gran Turismo 4

    i've had that game for almost a year and i still am only like 37.2% complete. i might sell it when i beat it in like 2 more years.
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