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  1. jdmeg6

    Eg6 Website?

    There sure is!!! I just started one about a month ago Check it out! ClubEG6 - EG & EH Civic Hatchback Community
  2. jdmeg6

    *** FS: B series Turbo Kit and parts !! ***

    Still have the turbo kit?
  3. jdmeg6

    Smoke an SRT-4

    :werd: And the only way that you are gonna win that race is if you use the NOS. If all that work was done to a hatchback I would say that you have a much better chance, those SRT4s are fast.
  4. jdmeg6

    anyone have pics of painted mirrors

    Couldnt have said it better myself. Will, you should have never sold the EG, reminds me of my EG. :thumbsup:
  5. jdmeg6

    Carbon Fiber Hatch ?

    Right on! Totally agreed man, I think Im just gonna have to fork out the extra dough for something that I know will fit and look good. Seibon it is!
  6. jdmeg6

    Carbon Fiber Hatch ?

    :dry: :rollseyes: OK, your the one on the wrong page here, why the fuck would I be asking for what carbon fiber hatch to buy if I was just planning on putting crappy ass carbon fiber overlay on it. I have done plenty of research and I know what a damn carbon fiber hatch is for christ sake. I...
  7. jdmeg6

    Carbon Fiber Hatch ?

    I have a VIS Carbon Fiber hood as well and am not dissapointed with it, but I'm not here to talk about hoods. I am simply looking for input on carbon fiber hatches/trunks for the EG6. Im trying to avoid paying like $600 or so for a VIS or Seibon one so I was wondering if anyone has had any...
  8. jdmeg6

    Carbon Fiber Hatch ?

    :worthy: Thanks bro! Thats exactly the kind of stuff I wanted to hear! Anyone ever hear of any problems with the NRG Carbon Hatch or know someone who has had one on their hatchback???
  9. jdmeg6

    Carbon Fiber Hatch ?

    I'm currently looking to pick up a carbon fiber hatch for my EG6 as soon as possible. Does anyone have any experience they would like to share or recommendations on which brand to get and where I should buy it from? Thanks in advance guys
  10. jdmeg6

    94 civic ex Quiet exhaust?

    :werd: RS*R is the way to go for sure if your looking for a good performing quiet exhaust!
  11. jdmeg6

    Brembo brakes from ebay, need advice!

    :werd: Stay away from that deal. I almost fell victim to that junk about a year ago, thank god I didnt.
  12. jdmeg6

    Vid - fast h22 eg hatch :)

    Its a fucking turboed D series, I didnt see a damn H22 anywhere in that vid. And yeah, they picked a crappy song. But, it did break the 12 sec mark, so I'll give em that :mrgreen:
  13. jdmeg6

    The 997 GT3

    That new GT3 is SICK!!!! :worthy:
  14. jdmeg6

    fucking alarm remote broke

    :werd: If its the stock alarm, all you needed to do was use your key to unlock the door and drive away. Unlocking the door using your keys with the factory alarm will disarm it. Bottom line is that you didnt need to break anything or do anything other than use the key to unlock and disarm your...
  15. jdmeg6

    new SI hatch??

    :werd: That shit is ugly, no wonder its for the Euro market :mrgreen: And Im with eg6sir and 92dxhatch, I think the EG6 was the best hatch body ever made along with the EK's.
  16. jdmeg6

    sick 94 integra gsr shell no motor!

    :werd: :wtf: ...on both your for sale threads you dont even have a price or anything :bash: . I wouldnt even have known these were for sale if they werent in the for sale forum. Post a damn price for crying out loud!
  17. jdmeg6

    Best Ignition Wires?

    :werd: I prefer NGK but also recommend OEM wires if ya cant get ahold of the NGK's. MSD, Nology and all those others are just a waste of money IMO.
  18. jdmeg6

    Videos of my '03 Si

    Sorry, but those videos just flat out suck.
  19. jdmeg6

    Anyone need any stupid small stuff (EG hatch)

    :o Damn! Its a good thing those arent the parts that I wanted to get. :)
  20. jdmeg6

    Anyone need any stupid small stuff (EG hatch)

    SOLD! I'll PM you for details
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