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  1. Jr1sthonda

    1997 ex F22B1 Crank no start

    I have A 97 EX accord 4 cylinder with a crank no start, it was intermittent now it's just not starting at all. I have tested the main fuse relay I have replaced the coolant temp sensor. It gets spark it's getting fuel to the rail. I'm out of ideas, anything anyone can help with?
  2. Jr1sthonda


    Was trying to vin check my 97 accord ex but the vin is only 16 digits. I have read everything from 81 and up is supposed to be 17 digits is there a reason why mine is only 16?
  3. Jr1sthonda

    Maybe blowed F22B1 '97

    Hello everyone new member and my first honda (97 vtec ex automatic). I'll try and make this short. Heater core went out, I did a crappy bypass of the hoses. (Due to cold outside) I have overheated it twice, with what I could tell no consequences, finally got the hose's clamped good enough so...
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