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    giving up?

    Hey guys, it's been a while since i have been here. I sold my car, parted out my other car and stopped tuning now. yeah, i gave up. Any of you guys gave up? I mean, it's just so much money, and i can't afford to live like this and see my lady and my litttle girl struggle. I'm just working as a...
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    b18a1 block

    you're gonna build yourself a problem. I say save the money, and get a complete B18B and start from there. It's only like 800 for a b18b these days. Yes cable and hydro trannys will bolt up, it's which car it is going to. I stick with a hydro tranny in a hydro car and cable tranny in a cable...
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    92 si hatch part out

    parting out 92 civic si hatchback, no motor. tell me what you need....
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    quick ?

    LS don't have the girdles of the VTEC motors, thus limiting revs, i have seen numerous LSVTEC that has blown when over-revved, NOT TO SAY that the lsvtec motor is bad, it just requires more building. i have seen lsvtec that has been built right that has run really nice, i say spend time on the...
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    IAB's in stock H22 manifold

    WERD with dohcvtec_accord.......still just get another manifold like i said, skunk2 or JDM type s
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    Vtec engages @ 6k

    my vtec engages at 5300, any higher or lower and it is pure shit. get another ecu and see what happens. 4500 is stock GSR i believe, chipping is a poor man's tuning, get a e-mange, hondata, aem,. etc.....
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    IAB's in stock H22 manifold

    leave them if it is stock, or get a JDM type s or Skunk2
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    WTB hatchback with B16 or B18 Swap GSR trans.

    i've got a hatch, 92 JDM gsr motor, rear ended though but fixable.
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    most all honda's FPR are the same
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    WTB 92-95 civic hatch Interior

    92 civic si hatch, GSR motor, rear ended. Front end is KLEAN!
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    gsr IM secondaries..

    i say get a aftermarket manifold, skunk2 or jg...
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    is jg engine dynamics any good?

    DPR Racing Heads, i fully recommend this shop. their head alone gave me 30 whp! i'm running 13.2 all day revving hard all to 9500. it has been a year now and i see now problems at all.
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    need a car!

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    need a car!

    i need a damn car. I have my project motor sitting out for 3 months and got no car. I need a 88-95 civic, or 88-91 crx. anyone here got one, at least under 1000. i don't care if it don't got a motor or not.
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    1990 CRX Si with d16z6 swap issues OBD0 - OBD1

    RYwire coulda save you all those headaches.
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    I'm a complete Dumbfuck, please save me!

    don't blame yourself, everybody has a story about them selves being an idiot when they first started fixing cars. when i took off my tranny off of my first car to change the clutch, i couldn't haul it off when i took all the bolts out. my dad came over and laughed at me because i didn't even...
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    Horrible valve timing

    i have the same problem with the crank and cam lining up in my old civic hatch with a gsr motor. i found out later that by numerous times of trying to fix the darn thing, i stretched the belt, i replaced it and was able to line it up.
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    RSX TANABE Raing Medallion

    full catback tanabe racing medallion for rsx, 300, good condition.
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