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    2000 Civic Si (SiR) Keyless FOB

    Hi, Just a quick question regarding a keyless fob. I know when you replace it the FCC ID # have to match. Would the Canada # need to match also? I found a bunch of keyless remotes for sale that match my FCC # & REF No. , but either has a different CANADA # or just not listed on the back. I...
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    WTB: Streetwires RTS4 or RTI4

    Hi, I'm looking for 6 Streetwires ring terminals RTS4 or RTI4. I'm only looking for these items!!! Must be willing to ship with USPS. Please PM me a price with shipping to Ontario, Canada I can pay with a Money Order or PayPal.
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    DHL shipping to Canada

    Hi, I'm thinking about ordering some stuff from There only shipping option to Canada is with DHL. I called both DHL and outpost regarding brokerage fees. Of course DHL wasn't helpful at all and outpost didn't know anything regarding a brokerage fee. I did a google search and...
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    Buying from / Fry's Eletronics?

    Hi, I was searching the web looking for some streetwires stuff for my car audio system build. I came across Has anyone here dealt with them? Good/Bad? I'm looking for some streetwires stuff and so far they're the cheapest.
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    B20B in a 93 Del Sol, now H22

    Hi, I got a quick question regarding engine swaps. A friend of mine killed his B18C in his 92 Delsol. He's a little low on money and I informed him of the a B20B/Z from a CRV being cheaper than a B18C. [He isn't a car guy.] I think this swap is going to be straight forward. Remove the...
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    Brakes in a 00 Si / SiR

    Hi, I need to replace my front brake calipars since my piston seals are in poor shape. I figure if I got another set of used front brake calipars I could just rebuild them, w/o any real down time rebuilding mine. So far all I could find used are front calipars from a 98 tegs and an Acura EL...
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    Old School PPI amps

    Hi, I'm in the market to buy my sub amp. I decided I would like to get a PPI 600 or 600.2 amp. I did a quick google search and couldn't really find anything regarding the difference these two amps. Could anyone let me know or at least point me the right direction (audio fourm) on where I...
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    Alpine CDA-9855

    Hi, Well. I have the 'itch' for an alpine 9855 deck to upgrade my Clarion dxz735mp deck. I've only checked out the Alpine CDA-9855 deck on the web, since the Canadian release date is a little bit on the slow side. Does anyone here have the 9855 deck? Any Bitchin/wines/complaints regarding...
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    99/00 Si WING

    I'm looking to buy a 99/00 Civic Si wing. I want to buy an OEM one vs some off brand. Is there a way to tell the difference between a OEM and a off brand?
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    90 Civic gauge cluster wires??

    Hi, I got some miss info in regards to wire up a 90 teg cluster into civic. Wired it up, nothing.. oh well back to stock. Where I screwed myself is I didn't wire down which each wire came from on. Opps lesson learned. What I need now is a pic or a map of the wires that plug into the...
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    90 Civic HB gauge cluster wiring map?

    Hi, I'm looking for a 90 Civic HB gauge cluster wiring map. I just basicly need to know what colour of wire does what. I have a guage cluster out of a early 90's teg's and I would like to swap this in. I can follow the circuit paths on the teg's cluster so it won't be a problem to figure out...
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    WTB: Rear bumper support for 90 civic HB

    Hi, I think I have the correct name for that part. I'm looking for a rear bumper support for a 90 Civic HB. Basicly this part is from the frame to the bumper and it's metal. Mine is rusted to rat poop. I got a price quote from Honda for $240Cdn and I wondering if I could find a rust free...
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    Which video card would you pick?

    Which one should I go with?
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    HI, I'm thinking about getting a paid version of the email address. I just have a quick question. What are my chances of using it with MSN. I know some of friends have NON and email accounts and still use msn with the email address.
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    Sony amps.

    I'm just debating which amp to go with. Since I have sony xplod deck I would like to keep things the same. While checking out now. I can't really decide I should go with a bit of old school or a newer model. I know I want a 4 channel amp for my front and rears. I was thinking some thing...
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    88 or 89 Gauge Cluster in a 90 Civic?

    Hi, While trolling my local junkyard I found a couple of 88 and 89 Civic Clusters with the tach. Would these clusters be a direct PNP for my 90 Civic. I know there might be some wiring issues get the tach working.
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    90 Civic HB that won't start

    Hi, I'm having some problems in starting my 90 Civic HB. The first start up after it's been sitting awhile (ie. overnight) no problems, cranks, starts, good to go. If I park it after it's been running 5/10 minutes sometimes it's doesn't want to start. No crank, clicking under my dash...
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    90 Civic HB shake while braking

    Hi, I have a 90 Civic HB with a sohc ZC with the DX 5spd transaxle. I have a shake in my steering wheel when I apply the brakes above 40KM/25Miles. Below this speed the shake goes away. Heavy braking or light braking there isn't a difference in the shakes. Also I don't feel any pulsing my...
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    I've been reading a few posts here and I noticed that some people english is well ShiTTy. eg. no when it should know, etc. Ugh!!! annoying the f{_}C k of out me.
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    Toronto, ON car clubs?

    Hi, I'm looking for a Toronto area import car club to check out/join. Yeah I know the summer is basicly over. I know where I used to live there was London Auto Club I just found out about this club about three weeks before I moved so I didn't really bother to...
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