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    Anyone from VA?

    Just curious if anyone is from the richmond area of Virginia.
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    What is your desktop

    This was posted prob a yr ago, or it feels like it was... i'm bored, so what is your desktop. here is mine
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    Stole this from the s-dime board i frequent. An atheist was taking a walk through the woods. What majestic trees! What powerful rivers! What beautiful animals!" he said to himself. As he was walking alongside the river he heard a rustling in the bushes behind him. He turned to look. He saw...
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    Some Pics of the Car

    I know I talk a lot about the Cobra, but only a few have seen it. Here are some pics of it and the truck. These are finding their way to the Cobra, soon. More can be found throughout my galleries.
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    Mid America Ford Performance And Shelby Meet.

    Its not a honda, but :fuckyou2:.. Pics coming by the end fo the week, have to get them developed The show was huge, had a lot of nice ass cars. Fords SVT was there with their cars. They had a ranger with a s/c 5.4 in it. The orange mustang you've seen on tv with the "mountain motor" in it...
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    A Sad Day In H-town

    For those of you in/from houston.. might know this guy.. RIP Mike Pistorius
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    Perv Got Owned

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    The Smartest Ppl In The World

    Who knows if this is true or a fucktard, but it got enough replys!! DUMBASS!!!!
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    The "truck" Story

    Some people just have a grain of salt as a brain, and some have no brain.;f=11;t=013747
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    "steamed" Rice

    If only it was ignited!!
  11. D Dsm Vs Mti T/a

    For 1) This video is WAY too big for 56kers. 2) DSM is a 100% RACE car and the MTI T/A is a street car. Both run 9's. This was a HUGE Houston street race not more than 2 weeks ago...
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    Lmao.. Rental Car Madness!

    Dont open a rental car company.. look at what your customers do to your shiiiiiit!! :lol:
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    Would You Hit It?

    Would you guys hit this: I sure as the fuck would!!!! Now she will bitch at me and kill me, if so, B can delete it y0 :P EDIt - I did this just b/c i am being an asshole tonight. I hope she dont kill me. :(
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    Fs: 2 2 Gig Scsi Hard Drives

    Okay. I have 2 2 gig HD's forsale. 1st harddrive is a Seagate Medalist Model ST52160N under that it says Medalist PRO 2160 2nd harddrive is a Seagate Medalist Model ST52160N under that it also says Medalist PRO 2160 Both are in the static silver packing shit i recieved it in 6-7 months...
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    What Some People Would Do...

    Read here Dayum!
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    A 700hp Supra Getting Own3d!

    Supra getting OWN3D Mopar power baby!
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    Hard Launch Vid

    This was posted on H-T, but this is a hard fucking launch. In car
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    Osaka Motors

    Other then them trying to advertise for free and making Killer B kick ass.. I dont know if those were posted before. Now maybe people will stop saying to buy from them. You get what you pay for!
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    Turbo For An Accord

    No, they're shit. He was only fucking with you. :) I believe they actually reduce horsepower.
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    this forum is bunk

    Where in Ark? I know of some Honda ppl in Bentonville/Rogers/Fayettville area and some down by Clarksville/Russelville.
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