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    VTEC in 3rd gen lude??????

    You said you have a 91 Si right... NOT the 2.0Si ... If so, you car is already OBD1; DITCH the OBD0 PR3, and pickup a P28 or any other CHIPABLE OBD1 ECU. Use an OBD1 Distributor, your going to need to change the plugs on the Prelude wiring harness to the OBD1 Plugs that the Newer OBD1...
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    VTEC in 3rd gen lude??????

    What ECU are you using? How are you controlling VTEC? You need a VTEC ECU, an ECU jumper harness depending on which year/model prelude you have; added, you will also need the OBD1 Distrbuor that fits on the b16 head. All Fuel Injected 3rd gen preludes have and OBD1 Distributor -- FUEL...
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    VTEC in 3rd gen lude??????

    do you know how much effort it is to make the conversion? ... i nevere said it couldnt be done.. just want people to know that it is NOT a direct bolt on proccess...
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    VTEC in 3rd gen lude??????

    Buy my MOUNTS!! eBay Motors: Prelude Motor Mounts - H22/H23 into a 3G Prelude (item 230090755439 end time Feb-17-07 20:44:41 PST) If you want to swap an H22 into your 3g, buy these mounts... Direct bolt in, no moding required! --- And Vtec heads DO NOT bolt onto the B20Ax or B21Ax blocks...
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    tt civic

    TT is Uber pointelss
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    Free CAD Software.

    ... i would like a FREE CAD software; and im sure you would TOO! Ready.... GO -- From all the snooping ive done, this is very legit. For those who are serious in building their car to its fullest potential, this could be a very useful tool when it comes to creating/making...
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    how do i tighten a head onto the block

    something like 22 lbs first, and then the final Tq down after that; what ever the Tq should be.
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    900 hp STi

    So can i get a run-down on what to do?
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    Spun Bearings in block?

    Awsome Info for a Rod knock. That is my EXACT problem. Only thing is that my cars Warm right now, and as you say "best to check when its cold" So slapping new bearings in there is the cure?
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    900 hp STi

    I still dont get how to use this torrent stuff.
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    900 hp STi

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    turbo rebuild help

    Any kit should work.
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    Down pipe question

    Your local muffler shop. It just may be cheaper for you to have them fab one up anyways. That way u KNOW it will be pretty, flow halfway decently, and you wont have to do any work. It would probably cost around $150 - $250 depending on where you live.
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    Are XS power turbo kits any good?

    garbage... Same as SSAutoChrome. DONT BUY IT!
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    Worst Movie EVER!!!!

    BAHAHAH.... Nathan: Napoleon, give me some of your tots. Napoleon: No, go find your own. Nathan: Come on, give me some of your tots. Napoleon: No, I'm freakin' starving! I didn't get to eat anything today. Nathan: [kicks the tots] Napoleon: Ugh! Gross! Freakin' idiot!
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    NOR*CAL HS Meet

    yea, im in this SAME area too... hahah
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    Turbo edit question

    No... there is a difference. I too need to know how to change the NA bin to FI.
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    firefox PR1 is out

    which is?
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