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    autox+track=fun/evo ownage

    just thought i would throw this up for your enjoyment: On monday i got to do an autox up at Grattan Raceway. what an awesome track, only problem was some idiots put cones out on it and messed some of it up lol. anyways, in the 3rd heat i was doing at my work assignment (corner 6, which was on...
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    finnaly have the b20 in the civic

    sorry for the massive picutre, but here you get the idea: most of the people on here now prolly dont even know who i am, but ive had this shitbox of a car for over a year and the engine has FINNALY found its way into the damn car. pic 1 pic 2 pic 3 pic 4 pic 4 today we first off put the...
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    project hatch pics

    i think this pic says it all: anyways, i got the front bumper for $45 last night and decided that it was time to see how everything lined up... or didnt line up as it turned out. i need every bolt from the firewall up for the body so that didnt help either. needless to say the car looks really...
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    obd2 im + obd1 harness

    will an obd2 inake manifold work with an obd1 wire harness? i know i will need the obd1 distributor. as soon as i get mounts and my tranny the swappage will start on the hatch :D
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    auto ecu -> maunal ecu

    is it possible to take an ecu from an automatic and make it work with a manual?
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    My incar/other random stuff

    gingerman (1.88mi 11 turns) stuff- 2 laps incar myself and a few friends at a test/tune Speedtrials footage random speedtrials incar autox- me pre-agx/itr sway bar bounce bounce boucne Tirerack autox incar more of the same last one of tirerack my brother spinning out thanks to ezra and...
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    wtb 0bd1 p74

    anyone have a 92-95 ls ecu that they wanna get rid of?
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    Ohio Region NASA/HPDE

    kinda early, but ill put the links up anyways: NASA ohio region Early HPDE registration for 2004 ^ ends dec 29th so hurry up and save $ for the more events you register for NASA home i want to get to mid ohio, putnam park, and possibly beaverun(in PA)... and deffinantly gingerman cause its...
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    kinda early, but ill put the links up anyways: NASA ohio region Early HPDE registration for 2004 ^ ends dec 29th so hurry up and save $ for the more events you register for NASA home i want to get to mid ohio, putnam park, and possibly beaverun... and deffinantly gingerman cause its like 35...
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    hatch update #2

    pics: so... since the last thread about this ive had the car moved to a shop (same place that did my brothers bodywork after he got hit) and managed to get those pics. they said $300 to fix the frame and i said go for it. next step is to get my tail lights and front bumper from the...
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    LOL i cant stop watching that for some reason :lol:
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    In Car Footage

    Finnaly i got this up: here you need divx 5.0.5 to watch. dont have it? get it the vid starts with me comming out of turn 11. for those that dont know the track here is a pic:
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    ok so i guess i missed alot

    if you couldnt tell from the other post i just made i JUST got my laptop back and am finnaly wasting my life away here on the boards. i see a ton of new people... WTF? in like a week i dont recongnize 1/2 the people here lol. Anyways, update on the hatch. i got the title and now im waiting...
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    haha great video

    *WORK WARNING*!!!!!!!! omg :lol: sorry if its a repost... but its worth it
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    integra GTR/NSX

    Integra GTR/NSX i think that is just disgusting. they did a good job on the body work... but that doesnt make it ok hopefully this isnt a :repost:
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    who plays GT3 WAAAY to much?

    i know i sure as hell do. ive had it for over 2 1/2 years and im 100% done. here are some videos: formula 1 at monaco 206 at monaco and my favorite: 240 at Trial Mountian II u do need DIVX to watch these. ill have more up sometime hopefully. anyways the new camera is bad ass. ive made an...
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    ok WTF?

    ok so this is the first time that ive posted this but i paid for a 92 hatch rolling chassis a few weeks ago (going on 4 now) from someone local. well, the title was signed over wrong when the kid bought the car so we went to the sos to get that sorted out. they said they would send him a new...
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    92 si + b20+b18b head

    ok, first off you are prolly wondering why im not doing going b20 vtec. $. ive got a b18a head that i can get for dirt cheap and am planning on sending that into a machine shop for some p&p action asap. so, what wiring issues will i have as far as not having vtec in an si hatch? btw, project...
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    Gingerman 8-13

    my brakes are FUCKED. if you ever plan on going to the track make sure u have good brakes before and money to by new ones after: so yeah, u can prolly tell from looking at my pads that my rotors are also fucked. oh well, it was SO worth it :D. highlight of the night was catching up to a...
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    5/25. Gingerman Track Event

    Well yesterday i went to the local road course and watched the track event they had going on there. after i paid the $10 to get in i realized how worth it that $10 was. I pulled in as they were just finishing cleaning up all the oil an Mr-2 had just pissesd out (like alllll of it lol) poor mr...
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