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  1. get_nick

    Amazon Prime Day (+Ebay Crash Day, Walmart, etc)

    What are you shopping for? What'd you get that you didn't know you wanted? Want to share a good deal? Post it here. I will probably spend all day shopping and flipping between Amazon and and actually not buy anything. I need a new media player for the theater room...
  2. get_nick

    Toyota's Yaris Truck - When April Fools is actually market testing

    I knew this was a joke from the beginning, but damn if I wouldn't buy one. I'd rock the shit out of this if I could get one for $12-$14k. Obviously the real version would support more weight in the back and have a little more hp, but it's a brilliant start. Falls right into the market of the old...
  3. get_nick

    Cool 1984 CRX restoration story on Jalopnik

    Pretty cool little car.
  4. get_nick

    The Grand Tour: Racing Game

    I think this will be a boom or bust game, but it's cool to see Amazon thinking outside the box. I'll give it a shot just to see what it's all about.
  5. get_nick

    Most entertaining human I've seen in a long time

    This is an awesome interview. This guy won his UFC fight on Friday night and this was the after-fight interview. Be sure to turn the volume up loud enough to hear the questions, you might also want subtitles. Topics covered: how bad he sucks at fighting, why he hasn't slept on a bed since he...
  6. get_nick

    What happened to Woot!? I'll tell you.

    I was working on my truck today and thinking about how long it's been since I've really added any mods to a vehicle. It brought me back to the old days of HondaSwap and I randomly remembered Woot!. I realized I haven't thought about it in at least 5 years. The last Woot thread title on here was...
  7. get_nick

    When Darwin catches up to you...

    Chinese 'Rooftopper' Films His Own Death During Skyscraper Stunt
  8. get_nick

    Where's E?

    The internet says it's his birthday today. I think it's been a couple years since he went off the grid for a week, i think it's about time. Happy birthday, E. I hope we don't hear from you until monday.
  9. get_nick

    It's been 16 years....

    It still feels so recent. I get chills just thinking about it. I got back to Utah after going home to Oregon for my 21st birthday. I remember sitting in the lounge in the barracks watching it with all my friends that worked the afternoon/night shift with me. Everybody got called onto base and we...
  10. get_nick

    Gymka...I mean, Terrakhana

    New Ken Block video. Pretty cool. A change up from the traditional city cruise.
  11. get_nick

    Happy Flag Day 2017!

    For the OGs that are still around... Happy Flag Day!
  12. get_nick

    The Dark Tower... o.O

    Marvel comics + The Matrix/Wanted/Kingsman + Stephen King = The Dark Tower Holy shit this looks fun. I never read the books, but my dad was a big fan. I'm stoked to see this.
  13. get_nick

    Happy Pi day

  14. get_nick

    Nick's Toyota Tacoma

    I finally pulled the trigger on a new (to me) truck. I found a 2016 Toyota Tacoma Limited. I had it shipped from Illinois. Even with shipping, it was still cheaper than buying here in Seattle. I found it for cheaper than every other Limited currently online and since I can register it in Oregon...
  15. get_nick

    Tesla ModelXmas

    Regardless of whether you like Tesla or not, this is pretty cool. It's good to see companies actually TRYING to do fun stuff. Skip to 1:18
  16. get_nick

    Dunkin 'nuts...

    This is possibly the best thing I've seen from SNL in years. Instant classic.
  17. get_nick

    Ken Block Drifts London for Top Gear with Matt LeBlanc

    This is one of the better videos in recent memory.
  18. get_nick

    Cyber Monday Shopping

    Anybody looking to buy anything today? What'd ya get? Not really a "deal" per se, but I picked up a new wireless router: I also did some shopping for work clothes. 50% today at Banana Republic...
  19. get_nick

    Happy Birthday, E!

  20. get_nick

    Nick's house build thread

    So I had the house shopping thread and I finally closed on April 29th. We haven't moved in yet because as part of the negotiations we had to give them 45 days of "rent back". Basically let them live there, for free, for 45 days. They are...
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