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  1. BodyDroppedNikes

    scavenger hunt

    Pearl Jam, Garbage, Salt N Peppa, The White Stripes
  2. BodyDroppedNikes

    scavenger hunt

  3. BodyDroppedNikes

    20 years of HondaSwap

    Dude!! You brought up some memories!! And you even mentioned me! Lol. Man this has been an epic adventure the last 20 years. Ive made many friends from this page and and few enemies. We have lost members whether they have left on their own, banned or have gone from this world. We have also...
  4. BodyDroppedNikes

    super bowl half time show LVI

    I thought it was dope as hell. I was bummed that they didn't have the lowriders hopping.
  5. BodyDroppedNikes

    Black Friday deals 2021

    I'm wanting a dash cam. I deliver in my spare time for Walmart (groceries mostly) and I can't count how many times people try to hit me in my car. As far as a computer, I know Walmart has some on sale this week. Have you tried there, B?
  6. BodyDroppedNikes

    Cali Type R

    Geezus! I pay $130 a week for summer day care for my daughter. That includes going to a pool, roller skating and other little field trips they may do.
  7. BodyDroppedNikes

    Cali Type R

    Very nostalgic!! Ahh memories of a time when most of us here had money to piss away! Lol
  8. BodyDroppedNikes

    bought another Ford

    Thanks homie!
  9. BodyDroppedNikes

    bought another Ford

    Welp....I traded in my 02 Ford Expedition Eddie Bauer, for a 2011 Ford Fusion SEL v6 AWD. Its pretty nice and will move pretty damn good! Lol. My Expedition was becoming a real money pit and was having problem after problem and I was tired of fixing it. Anywho, id post some pics but I can't...
  10. BodyDroppedNikes

    Anyone have a side job?

    Anyone here have a side job that they do to earn extra cash? If so, what is it? I deliver groceries in my spare time for Walmart. Its really fun and I work my own schedule and the money ain't bad. I definitely meet some interesting
  11. BodyDroppedNikes

    Narrowing track width

    anyone here ever narrow the track width on their Civic to put deeper dish rims that will tuck when the car has been lowered? If so, what did you use and do to make it happen?
  12. BodyDroppedNikes

    Are you going to get vaccinated?

    I'm undecided at this moment but I honestly should get it. I had covid and it sucked ass. I felt like death for 4 days. Its been a little over a month since I've had it and I still am feeling the affects from it...a cough that won't go away and my energy feels like it drains faster. BTW, they...
  13. BodyDroppedNikes

    New Side Hustle--Would love some support

    Pretty dope!! Who is coming up with the designs and are you gonna have any sayings on the shirts?
  14. BodyDroppedNikes

    GRILLED MEAT or some other stuff if that's what your into

    I cooked some rainbow trout filets on the grill Sunday night. Rubbed in some olive oil, put a one Lawry's seasoned salt on them and cooked them on low on my gas grill. They were delicious!!
  15. BodyDroppedNikes

    Are you going to get vaccinated?

    I don't plan on getting it unless I absolutely have to.
  16. BodyDroppedNikes

    Sold the Bronco .. Bought a Excursion

    Looks good! I bought a 2002 Expedition last year. They look small next to an
  17. BodyDroppedNikes

    anyone go camping?

    anyone here go camping? If so, what do you camp in? I have a 1995 Coleman Pioneer Avalon pop-up. I just got done remodeling it not long ago. I painted the cabinets, installed new hardware for the cabinets, turned the dinette area into a "living room" type area and installed new child resistant...
  18. BodyDroppedNikes

    Project Sonoma

    Thats why I had the red haul shit with. And it wasn't a was a bagged minitruck. You should know that! Lol
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