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    b16a1 ls/vtec question

    I have an entire b16a1 engine, tranny, ecu, axles, and i was wondering with all the convertions i will have to be doing to put this engine in my 1994 cx (w\sohc vtec engine) would i be better off purchasing a 1994+ obd1 b18b swap and swapping the b16a1 head. That way i would have a hydro tranny...
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    cx with d16z6 engine rev problems

    I have a 1994 civic cx h/b i just purchased with a d16z6 engine. It also has the si/ex instrument gauge cluster and 17" tenzo r rims with lopro yok tires. For some reason once i rev past 6k i lose power and it gets real hard for the engine to rev higher which forces me to shift. I am trying...
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    92 Civic Hatchback Vtec Wires?

    I'm going to hopefully be purchasing a 5 gen civic hatch and i was wondering about the possibility that vtec wires exist already... i heard all 92 civics have vtec wires but some arent hooked up to this true? also, how can i identify them? am i better off just searching for an...
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    Are any of you familiar with Flashoptions? i went on their site and found some nice prices for engines and such.... i was wondering if anybody could verify their credibility or give me any info on them?? thanks
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    D Series Head Swaps?!?!?!?!

    i was wondering whats the difficulties in doing a d series teg head swap on a crx si block?
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    Shift Linkage

    I have an 1988 crx si and i finally got my b16a ordered and its on its way. I'm now getting all the necesary parts for getting it running as fast as possible. I know i can get a shift linkage from hasport but i was wondering is there another one that is cheeper and maybe available from the...
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    Ecu Conversion Harness

    My 89 crx si still needs a b18a engine transplant. I can get a b18a out of a 92-93 teg for about $3-$400 with 87000 miles. but since this is obd1 i have to convert my car. Now i saw hasport and another company sells ecu conversion harnesses. Is this all i will need to make my car accept this...
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    Crx Si To B18a Wireing

    ok... i didn't get my 92 b18a engine but i might be getting a 93 whole car thats totalled... my question is how can i convert my car to obd1 for this engine? do i use the entire wireing harness and ecu and im set or is there more to it? also the teg has an auto and i thought that the autos...
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    B18a1 Obd1 Wireing Issues?!?!?!?

    ok, i have an 89 crx si and i want my 92 teg b18a engine to get wired but because my car is obdo i need to convert it iether to obd1 or change my engine to obdo... to convert the engine to obdo i would need injectors, distibuter and ecu from a 90-91 teg, right? what are the axtra...
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    Teg Ecu's, Is There A Difference?

    ok, i have finally got my b18a and i was told i could use my stock crx si ecu. but i was also told that its controlled to where you cant rev over 7000. while if i use the stock teg ecu it is capable of 7500. first should i use the rex ecu and maybe chip it? or should i go with the stock...
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    B20b In Crx Si

    anybody know how to wire a b20b engine in an 89 crx si?? im still looking for the best engine to swap. i am still thinking of a b18a but the one i found was $600 for the engine alone. then i still have to find an ls tranny or another compatible 5 spd. i can get a b20b for $800 and id rather...
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    Turbo For Ls Powered Crx

    what company sells a turbo kit for my soon to be ls powered crx? or will i have to get a custom manifold? i'm not looking at running high psi yet... im wanting to keep it stock for somewhat decent mileage since its my daily driver but i want the extra power a turbo gives. the engine will be...
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    Integra Brakes On 89 Crx Si

    how hard is it to install integra brakes on my rear drum si? what year of teg should i use?? is there a company that already selld a rear drum to disc conversion for this year of crx si? what is your recomendation.... thanks
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    Widest Tires On 89 Crx Si?

    what are the widest tires i can put on my 89 crx si and what would have to be the offset to be able to make this happen. I still want the car to be able to turn without rubbing the wheel well. my rim size im hoping to stay with would be 16 in.
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    Wireing B18a In 89 Crx Si

    is it true that you can use the stock si wireing harness from a crx for wireing a b18a in it and all you have to do after that is plug in the ecu? or is it best to get the whole harness from the b18a and ecu and put it in the car? thanks, and if anybody has done this swap any info would be...
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    B18b In 89 Crx Si

    What all is required for installing and wireing a b18b in an 89 crx si. I know the b18a is easier but the b18b is more redily available to me right now. I was told you had to swap out the injectors off of an b18a to the b18b. Any info would be great.
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    b18a in crx si

    hey what is all required for wireing a b18a in an 89 crx si? I'm either going with a b16a swap or a b18a. I like the torque from the b18a and the possibility of the vtec conversion but i also like the already vtec b16a. Which is best?
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