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    Running rich, FML

    Yet again my b18c swap has run into trouble. (b18c block, p72 head, oem type r style TB/MI, AEM CAI, oem exhaust manifold, P73 ECU) Last time it was leaning out horribly STFT (maxing out at +45.9%. Now at idle the STFT will range between -16% to -24%. Now the ECU is having to remove fuel...
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    B18C swap p0171

    Hello, new to this site but not to civic's yet I have come to a real puzzler. I used to have an obd2 h22a4 swap and now i have a obd2 b18c swap that I bought off a friend. The block is stamped b18c but the head is stamped p72. As far as I know I have a b18c mixandmatch. Transmission is...
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