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    Difference Between D15b2 And D16a6

    yea, i found out that the springs and cam is different. thanks
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    Difference Between D15b2 And D16a6

    how can i tell what head i have? its on my d16a6 block right now. 16v....not sure if its a dx or si head. is there a casting on the head that will tell me what it is?
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    Wtb: D16a6 Head, Good Condition

    im in the southern pa area. please email me at
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    I have no cat converter it that good?

    "well fuck my ozone"
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    awd civic

    does anyone in here have an awd wagon? or some info on them? maybe a site with some info. how good the awd system is and how much power the trannies can hold...etc... thanks for anything also which would be a "better" swap, a ZC or d series vtec??
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    What tires are better?

    i have sumitomo htrz IIs, i like them a lot
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    something a little cheaper i was thinking...
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    do you guys (4 luggers (4x100)) use and simple brake upgrades for the front calipers? i have a 3rd gen prelude and i have heard that 4th gen rotors will fit...but they dont really appeal to me...i was looking for dual piston or something...i found some, but its a british company. anything else?
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    cool. i thought stainless lines would help the cooling also?
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    are cross drilled and slotted rottors going to help your 60-0 stopping distance any? i have been told it wont and have been told it will. i read an article in motor trend. they seemed to focus mainly on the tires for stopping. if i get the brembo cross drilled and slotted rottors for all 4...
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    Wheel Hop??????????

    learn to launch better? what are the radius rods? kinda like traction bars?
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    which ever are the adjustables. thats an expencive price for the tokicos if they arn't the illuminas.
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    Camber Kits (again)

    thats a really good write up. i've got the ingalls kit, but my setup is a lot diff from the integras and has been working good so far, no camber wear on a 2 inch drop...yet.
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    prelude wheels

    take the wheel off, and hope you can find it on the inside lip of the rim. if not ask someone with a prelude that knows. what year you got? i've got a 35 offset on the rims i have now, the stocks were 40 or 45 (whichever the civics have) and the wheels are flush with the fender, looks...
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    should i trust tokico shocks?

    i've got the tokico blues. i got them, well because i wanted the same strut in each corner, and thats the only company that makes all 4 for my car. i got them from a local shop. everyone at the shop seemed to be partial to tokico? im not sure why, but they ride a lot better than my stock...
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    that stuff in the spray can? oh man its good...i sometimes...rarley...almost never use mothers aluminum polish...for my looks like its a titanium hks muffler right hasnt been washed for a good month or so... edit: but any aluminum polish will work good toO!
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    90 prelude swap

    above is a list of shit for 3rd gens. the h22 is very heavy for the 3rd gen chassis, there are a few people that did it, but i wouldnt do it if you're going to keep for a few years. it will eventually "wear out" the chassis. the jdm b20a has about 143hp (dont sure the torque) but most people...
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    90 prelude swap

    All Sorts of Parts Body Kits
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