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    92 Accord Issue with bogging at high Rpm's

    A little about the car: JDM F22B dohc non vtec (Almost the same as the usdm H23) I changed the car from an auto to a 5spd with an h2s4 tranny with a wavetrac diff. The motor is all stock other than an short ram intake and a header. The motor was tuned on a dyno and ran good for about 3...
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    VA : Fully built F22 short block w/ sleeves, pistons, rods (hella cheap)

    PRICE IS 1500.00 OBO This is a fully built block w/ Darton MID sleeves Crowler billet rods Wiseco 9:2.1 pistons 86mm ACL bearings decked .015 Motor has 9k miles on it. I disassembled the motor in lieu of making a G22. I never finished the build, and I am getting out of the tuner life...
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    92 accord auto to 5spd swap problems

    So I picked up this 92 accord. Ripped out the single cam and threw a jdm f22b dohc engine in along with a H23 5spd. The car was automatic. After getting everything in, tuned, touched up. I have no reverse lights. Even taking the reverse solenoid out of a 5spd trans and wiring it up in the...
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    Caturday still Kickin?

    If so : If not: Then FU
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    Ton of F-H series performance parts.

    CONTACT INFO- PM ME HERE! LOCATION- RICHMOND, VA Since I bashed my shit up, I am getting out the game. This is my list, and more is going to be added. 94-97 Accord AEM FUEL RAIL = $100.00 AEM FUEL PRESSURE REGULATOR = $100.00 94-97 F22B1 TURBONETICS FMAX LOG MANIFOLD = $100.00...
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    Fs: Va: Turbonetics t3/t4 need gone asap!

    Turbonetics T3t4 - 20358-1 .63 stg 1 m166590 I bought this turbo one year ago re manufactured by Turbonetics. I have put 8-9k miles on it and never pushed no more than 11-12psi. Always let the motor completely warm up before running it and turbo timer was always set on 2 minutes. There is...
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    I so want one of these.

    Thought it was awesome as hell. Video Games: Homemade Driving Sim Cockpit Made of E30 Parts, More Realistic Than Modern BMWs?
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    Pics from this weekend Parkway ride. *56k* no go

    Just thought I would share some pics I took this past weekend, riding on the parkway. The pictures were taken in Roanoke, VA The blue ridge mountains-
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    Official Dumbass Thread.

    Just more proof that America is full of retards. Odd News - Police: Texas man trying to cash $360 billion check arrested
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    New addition to the family.

    Just surprised the wifey last night. She had been dropping hints she wanted it. So yeah, I got it. 8 weeks old, miniature Dachshund and the hint I got from her
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    F/s 95 Accord Jdm F22b Head/ Turbo Parts/ Injectors/ Ported B1 Im/ Plus More Stuff

    Name- John Allen Location- Richmond, Virginia Payment- Paypal preferred, check, money order, cash. Local pickup is great too. Email me at or PM me here. Phone- 804-245-1237 -I bought a JDM F22b SOHC vtec engine w/ approx 35-40k miles on it. I drove it for about 10k...
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    Formula 1 Racing to Go Hybrid from 2009-2013 : Gas 2.0 God damn its genius!
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    Look at my sleeves.

    So after deciding to put a h22 head on the f22, I pulled the head off the car today and saw this.Can you tell me if my sleeves are ok and what would cause the burn marks? I took pics of the worst 2. Heres a few pics. . Btw- the block has 9k miles on it since the build. And I can...
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    God Damnit Im Going To Do It, Dont Push Me !!

    Damn I want this -------------------------- 1989 Merkur xr4ti Turbo 5 speed! 100% DRIVE AND GO! Yes this car is very unique. every thing works in the car except the A/C. it needs to be recharged. i assure you this is one of the best merkurs on the east coast. engine: it has a 4 cylinder 2.3l...
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    FS: 2002 Chevrolet 1500 Silverado *ultra clean* MUST SEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    OK, what we have here is my 77 year old grandma's truck that she went out and bought and paid cash for it. Drove it home from the dealers and was scared to drive it again. Now it sits in the garage as it has been for the past 6 months. We just recently received some not so great news from the...
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    Garrett T4 - Brand new - CHECK IT OUT, ONLY 400.00 BUX

    I bought this turbo and was going to use it, never got around to swapping it out, now I decided to get some money back . 400.00 Compressor - a/r .60 Turbine - a/r .69 Inlet - 3'' outlet - 2 3/4'' charge pipe outlet 2''
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    38mm Tial Wastegate w/ 9psi red spring, used for 7k miles and now upgrading to a larger one. I am willing to trade for a 44mm wastegate + cash on my end. Or sell this one for 100.00. Either way I need this one GONE!! On to the pics. There is one flaw on the wastegate, it came from the charge...
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    New TURBO GARRETT T4 700.00 OBO

    This is a new turbo, never been installed. And its time to let it go. Specs I got Compressor- M-24 Garrett a/r.60 Turbine - garrett ar.69 m1 g1 Serial numbers - SP0480-04-M-5872 If you need any info just shoot a pm Contact info: Jay Allen 804-658-8445 pm me here Paypal...
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