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    what did i get myself into

    ran out of primer for today more updates coming soon basically been doing the majority of work by my self Bought it looking like this.. spray painted and looking like shit stripped off all the spray paint been doing rust work(sucks ass) now working on primer
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    project low and slow ek

    Updated 3/7/12 My new whip 100% stock for now... and not for long 2000 civic ex plans for this weekend Put on my apexi ws2 exhaust system cold air paint my lips paint my rain guards and put my studded snow tires on here is a lil update for today until i ran out of parts and i put my studded...
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    New website launched check it out everyone is welcome
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    ls94civic's for sale or trade thread

    BUMP IF VIEWED LOCATED IN SOUTHERN VERMONT I WILL SHIP ANYTHING EXCEPT THE RIMS MAKE OFFERS SICK OF BULL SHITERS SICK OF FLAKERS skunk2 pro intake manifold fits b18a/b open to all trades cash price 175 SOLD i got a set of whit fat fives for sale tires are beat.... 75 with out steelies...
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    Default JDM 92-95 honda Civic EG6 Gauge cluster spedo SiR B16A

    trades possible make offer hmu text or call 8025790133 will ship if needed paypal
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    honda/ acura and random parts

    I have a bunch of Honda / Acura Parts 92-95 civic coupe Projector headlights with Eyelids and bulbs $50 Rear lower control arms $40 Stock Tail lights $30 96-00 Integra gsr parts Stock Gsr wing $40 gsr ac condenser fan $20 I have for sale a B18c Gsr Dohc vtec motor with axles, wiring, and...
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    D16y8 cam help

    I have a d16y8 that I'm putting a stock cam in! When I put the used one in it seems to bind up any ideas what the problem could be???? The only reason it's getting replaced is because where the ears meet the dizzy one of the ears broke off. I have no idea what's going wrong here
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    Crx parts out the ass

    i stumbled across this on craigslist figured i would share.... 15 HONDA CRX'S FOR PARTS LOOK
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    Valve compressor suggestions

    I'm gonna be rebuilding my b18c and I'm wondering what's a good valve compressor tool any suggestions????
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    This gsr is going to look awesome in the coupe

    Saturday i started to pull the 96 gsr out of my brothers wrecked integra. it really went decent. i had a little help but it wasn't like i had another mechanic helping. It was just another pair of hands. I had the motor out in three hours and ill be honest i was pretty hungover from some fun on...
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    Obd1 p72 wtb

    I'm looking for a p72 obd1 ecu. lmk what you got and price thanks
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    Gsr swap

    I have 94 civic coupe with a Ls and my brother has 96 gsr that he crashed and totaled I bought the motor ecu wiring and shift linkage what else will I need out of the car before he sells the shell???
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    How hard is it to swap a vtec head on a Ls block

    How much would it cost for parts to swap this over and do it right! Just kinda curious what it would entail and the parts I would need it's in a 1994 civic coupe Thanks
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    Seat help

    I have a question about seats in 94 coupe. My car has gsr seats front and back and I can't stand them so I'm wondering if the back seats are the same in a hatchback and a four door. Because I'm looking for a donor car. Thanks
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    VT Looking for a 92-95 civic coupe parts car

    Looking for a parts car for my civic I basically need interior pieces and other misc stuff. Looking for one either in southern Vermont or southern new Hampshire or western mass Thanks Chris
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    What to do???

    So I just bought a 94 civic with a Ls swap. I'm just wondering where should I start? I know it has a skunk 2 manifold on it and a edelbrock throttle body. I have about 1000 bucks and I want to clean up the engine bay I just don't know where to start. Any help or ideas would be great appreciated
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    No more honda's ???

    So last night my girlfriend asked what would happen if the government decide to outlaw honda's and I top her people would go nuts!!! What would you do if you couldn't have your Honda anymore????
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    help b18b1

    i just bought a 94 civic with a b18b1 and it needs a speed sensor and im not sure how to tell what tranny it has in it. i know the tranny is hydro is there any easy way to tell????
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