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  1. monotech

    90-91 Integra engine harness

    SOLD! Email:
  2. monotech

    HELP 98 civic ex b16a2 swap

    First off make sure your spark plug cables are inserted all the way in to the spark plugs. It's possible that you may have a bad ignitor or ignition coil. Check all your grounds and distributor wiring to make sure you don't have any bad connections first before you go on and purchase parts that...
  3. monotech

    Knock Problem + Check engine on

    x2 check the cel and see what codes you are getting that will give you an idea what you need to look into. Idle below 1k isn't a bad thing 750-900 is a good range depending on your build.
  4. monotech

    h22 swap no 02 sensors

    If you have a good tune on it you shouldn't have any issues with or without o2 sensors disabled. A good dyno tune will give you best performance based on the bolt ons you have but if you are looking to save gas I would recommend stock ecu. Ask yourself this do you want performance or gas...
  5. monotech

    Newbie on suspension! :( help!!

    Skunk2 Pro C coilovers are the shit.
  6. monotech

    Integra GSR Shell

    x2 pics help
  7. monotech

    turbo kits for j30a4?!?!?!

    Not going to be cheap my buddy makes custom headers for any app they are one of a kind but your looking at $1k+ or you can try Full Race.
  8. monotech

    1994 Prelude

    P28,P72,P30,P61 and so on as long as you got a v-tec ecu that can be chipped to accept the F20B basemap.
  9. monotech

    ecu wiring harness

    Your best bet is to run obd-1 gsr P72 ecu and no ecu jumper harness is required.
  10. monotech

    mpfi swap: Goes straight to redline even after switch tps wires

    First of all Year/make/Model sounds like you did a MPFI conversion make sure you have the injectors in the correct order running a resistor box if you are using the OBD-0 peak & hold injectors. Check and make sure you have power going to your IACV black/yellow stripe wire if not you need to get...
  11. monotech

    o2 sensor Problem!?!

    Have your local muffler shop drill and weld a bung so that you have a secondary o2 spot. Depending on where they decide to install the bung may require 2nd o2 wire extending.
  12. monotech

    B16a rev issues.

    D16Z6 has it on the intake manifold only.
  13. monotech

    wtb h22a engine

    Where you located I have a 2000 Honda Prelude USDM H22A4 long block with VINs. Pm me if you are still looking for one.
  14. monotech

    WTB OBD-1 ECUs

  15. monotech

    WTB OBD-1 ECUs

  16. monotech

    More problems grrrrr

    Possibly needs cable adjustment could also be that the cable is stretched and not allowing more adjustment.
  17. monotech

    swap problems

    Are your plans to stay OBD-0 or go OBD-1? I can make you the proper harness you need if you plan on going OBD-1 and I also have jumper harnesses available for OBD-0 to OBD-1 changeover.
  18. monotech

    WTB OBD-1 ECUs

    Email me keep them coming.
  19. monotech

    WTB OBD-1 ECUs

    In need of more PO6 or P05 stock preferred.
  20. monotech

    WTB OBD-1 ECUs

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