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    Crx Questions

    wow..a 87..i wouldnt even know..but i know that the 87 is mad light..
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    Air Intake Question

    O..i got im lazy too..yah. but would then your saying the intakes for Del Sol Vtec or Civic Si would fit in my 91..maybe reg short rams..but i want a Cold Air..think they would fit?
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    B16a Has No Torque

    yo not 2 drag this arguement any further..but i jus gotta say..i have a B16A in 91 Civic..and my shit moves..straight up....Car is only 2100 lbs..and the B16A does jus fine..Vtec hits dont care if nobody gives a damn...i jus love my
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    Air Intake Question

    i dont wanna sound like a noobie at importz..cuz im not..but what is Throttle Body and Intake Manifold is all not sure i understand what u mean..
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    Air Intake Question

    sup peoples..i need some wizdom for the car gods..i got a 91 Civic Si w/B16a..i have a intake now..the cheapest damn generic short ram intake ever known to serves its purpose..but the freakin thing whistles..and sometimes sounds more like a damn vaccum cleaner then a
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    Okay I'm Now A Little Pissed I Need Some Info!

    yeah i agree with him..not tryin to be a dick but you cant jus go by everybodys word..specially if you cant afford a lose if someone is wrong..dont do anything unless you have postive feedback..sorrry i cant help you but i dont know much about 16 valve heads or HF models..i left that a long time...
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    Carbon Fiber Hood

    anybody know where the best place to get carbon fiber hoods at...i got a 91 Civic Si W/B16A...
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    91 Civic Front Seats

    hey whats up..i got 91 Civic Si..but i need some front seats..mine are hella shot..anybody got any?? if there in good shape and reasonable price ill buy them..let me know..u can email me at JR
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    1st Gen B16a Oil Filter

    well...dont i feel like a ass...i never took time to notice that about the Oil Filters..thanx guys i appreciate your help..
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    1st Gen B16a Oil Filter

    hey whats up peoples...i recently bought a 91 Civic Si with a First Gen B16A installed..i have a list for most parts that are interchangable..but i dont know what Oil Filter to use??? know thats sad..Can somebody help me motor needs a Oil Change... Oil Filter for a First Gen...
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    Im Lookin 4 A 92-95 Civic..

    hey whats up lookin for a 92-95 Civic Si..Doesnt matter if the car is stock or modified..jus lookin for a clean, good running car in the 5000.00 dollar serious buyer..anybody let me know..
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    I Need Some Help

    whats up peoples..I need some help..I need some front seats for my 91 Civ drivers side is hit up bad..looks like shit..i dunno who sells cheap..ill buy stock or aftermarket..or front and back..somebody pleeze help id mad appreciate..
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    Anybody Got Seats 4 Sale

    if nobody has seats around..can anybody give me add. to a couple of good sites where i can seats cheap..Stock or Aftermarket..I know a lil somethin about not shit about seats..Pleez someone help me out??
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    Anybody Got Seats 4 Sale

    I know i posted this already but my options are few..I def need some new front seats for my ride..I got a 91 Civic Si..anybody that is sellin front seats that will fit with no or little modications let me know..Ill def buy if its worth it..I know 88-91 Crx,Civ, seats fit np..but if anybody has...
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    I Need Front Seats 4 91civsi

    sup peoples..i need front seats for a 91 Civic Si...lookin for any seats that need little of no modification to fit in car...I know all Crx models 88-91 fit..Si seats would be a in Daytona FL area but willin to purchase from out of state..let me know..shout me a holla.. :huh:
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    New Online Racing Shizzzzzzzz

    yo i signed up..William H. Hovah
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    B16A Sir 1st Gen

    Huh???? I never did pass math in High School...Thanx
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    B16A Sir 1st Gen

    yo thanx for the advice guys..i def appreciate it..i found out the motor was put in when he bought was installed by a professional shop which has a very good reputation in the area..a compression test and all the others were performed after the swap was down..the owner has agreed that if...
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    B16A Sir 1st Gen

    sup lookin to buy a 91 Civic with a B16A Sir 1st Gen Motor.. Its only been in the car for like 2 months..So nobodys really sure how many miles..I fig Japan exports with 50k or probably 55 at the most..ive had a 2nd gen Sir before but not a 1st Gen..anything i need to know...
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