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    Selling A'PEXi boost controller

    I have for sell a brand new in the box never been used A'PEXi AVC-R Boost Controller. A'PEXi part number 420-A904 (MSRP $639.00). This is a universal product and will fit any car. Comes with all the plumbing, wires, and connectors. I need money right now for the body work on my Sol so I am...
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    Old Sol new life

    So I have finally decided to bring life back to my old ride. Almost 5 years ago my 93 Del Sol was put on the sidelines due to a disagreement about who should stop at a red light. At the time this happened I was just about rdy to do a JDM GSR swap. I decided to keep the Sol and payed the...
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    Noobish question about cam shafts

    I am going to be turbo charging my B18C in about 5 months. I am planing on going with BC or Skunk2 turbo cams. Can I get and install the new cams now or will they not work, or at least not work good untill the turbo is installed?
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    WTB Del Sol shell

    I am looking to buy a Del Sol shell, send me a message with what you have and want for it. I am in Colorado so the closer the better.
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    93 Del Sol to B18C1

    I am swaping a 1996 JDM B18c1 into my 93 Del Sol S. I have just about everything I need but do have a few questions. Do I need new motor mounts, and if so what kind? Is there going to be enough room for the A/C? I dont really care about it just wanting to know if I should go ahead and pull...
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