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    FS: Del Sol Parts

    Do you have the Roof handle, the left side(Driver side)?I'll pay you with paypal too....
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    FS: Del Sol Parts

    I need the driver side handle for the roof; how much is it ? and the piece of metal that goes at the back of were you put the corner light, some part of the Driver side headlight and the driver side fender. Is where your screw all of those parts in the right front corner.. please check on...
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    Which Engine?for My Del Sol

    OK thanks......
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    Which Engine?for My Del Sol

    I know the engine of my car but I just want it more info about which engine will be best for my car to swap .......... THANKS.....
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    Which Engine?for My Del Sol

    I have a Honda del Sol Si 93 and I would like to put another engine on it, and I would like to know whats the best engine. On the B18 or the H22 do I need any modifications like the motor mounts?
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    Wtb:oem Del Sol Driver Side Head Light.?

    Can someone tell me where can I find a cheap headlight (only the driver side) for my Honda del Sol.??
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    D16 Block V.s. B16 Block

    Can someone tell me about whats the difference about the D16 block and the B16 block? and can I put a B16 head on my D16Z6 block?
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