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    1965 C10 k4a2 swap.

    Honestly? They are just as available as the LS motors and lighter and cheaper. Plus, with the right block, I can supe it up relatively inexpensive. Also, nobody has done it, and I like the idea of people's disgust when they see what's under the hood. I have to keep the truck for life, as...
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    1965 C10 k4a2 swap.

    As the title says, I've got a 1965 C10. It's a pretty original truck, but I'm extremely bored, and it's got a 230 motor that gets 10mpg with almost no power. 2 years ago, I purchased a 3.9l cummins and rebuilt it to use as a powerplant for it, but after fixing up a K5 Blazer with a diesel, I...
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