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  1. 86civic

    My CRX Vtec Turbo nearly finished :-D

    hey all, iv just about got my project finished now an i thought i would show you guys and see what you think so here it is:
  2. 86civic

    CRX Turbo Tuning help

    hey all, iv just finished building my crx (B16) turbo and have run into a few problems. first off im running obd0 and dont really have the money to convert to obd1. heres the first problem, the obd0 B16 runs two lambda sensors and the down pipe i have only has previsions for one. i dont mind...
  3. 86civic

    ECU Problems HELP! :-S

    hey all i have just completed a b16a1 swap into an 86 civic but it wont start :-( i bought the engine, gearbox, full car wiring loom and ECU that came from the doner and it just wont go!. im a mechanic by trade so i know what im doing when it comes to fitting and wiring etc but i dont have that...
  4. 86civic

    86 civic/B series con axle issues!

    hey all, just got hold of my conversion driveshafts from hasport and surprise surprise the hub end of the shaft is to big! i know i need the SK7 mid shaft from a 90 93 integra, do i need the hubs from this vehicle as well?
  5. 86civic

    integra mid shaft AT MT

    hey all, just a quick question, is the integra 90-93 AT and MT mid shafts the same?
  6. 86civic

    b series into 86 civic

    hey all, has anyone done a bseries swap on an 86 civic before? love yo know how it went, spec list, power ect cheers
  7. 86civic

    WANTED 90-93 integra SK7 intermediate shaft

    hey all im currently putting a b16a1 into an 86 civic, i have pretty much everything i need except an intermediate driveshaft, i have been told by hasport that i need an SK7 shaft from a 90-93 integra but cannot find one anywhere. anybody have one or know where i can get one? thanks all
  8. 86civic

    B16A1 dual valve springs

    hey all im currently rebuilding a B16 to drop in my 86 civic but have ran into a problem as this is my first b16 rebuild. i have begun rebuilding my head and when it came to putting the valves back in i opened the box and found all of the valves and valve springs had scattered themselves...
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