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    Apexi Vafc

    I have an lsvtec and needed to know if the apexi vafc will work on my car. It is an obd0 and am running a PR3 ecu. Is there a beter way to manage my fuel system without buying a stand alone.
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    Ls/vtec Problems

    No it does not jerk. When you are going at a constant speed you can feel it build up and it feels like it is holding you back until you accelerated or decelerate. It is really weird.
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    Ls/vtec Problems

    I also forgot to say that the engine runs nice and smooth with my stock Pr4 ls computer. I am using a PR3 ecu.
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    Ls/vtec Problems

    I have been having problems with my engine since I have put it in. At a constant speed the vehicle builds up an exhaust sound that sounds like the combution is bad. It feels like it is holding the car back. I did a vacuum test and it kept a perfect reading of 19 at idle. However when I jabed...
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