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    how hard is it to swap a motor in auto 95 coupe eg

    It will be as hard as you skill level.
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    LS non VTEC in Del Sol

    With the power the B18A/B will make on 15-20 psi you will need bigger injectors than the 440cc ones. 750cc be fine.
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    ls pre turbo prep?

    You need to have a way to tune the car for the boost and a way to increase fuel. The best and only way to do it right is to get a tuneable ECU and run a Hondata, Neptune or Crome for the tuning. I run a Hondata S100 and love it for my simple street setup(soon to be boosted). Crome is cheap and...
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    95 b18c1 in 2000 civic hatch cx

    Simple swap search for the info. You should be using a 96+ B18C1 motor to make the swap easier. You can just make a Vtec sub harness and swap the OBD2 injector plugs for OBD1 injector plugs and convert the Civic to OBD1 and have it tuned.
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    b18 into 96 civic

    Wow really! I cant believe there are still posts coming in like this. Use the search. This swap has been done a million times and is common practice and can be done by most in their sleep.
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    97 Civic HX Swap

    Go B series. A B18B1 or a B20B1 can be found for really cheap and yes they fit into a Civic it has been done a million times. Like I said I have a LS Vtec B18B1 with B16 head in my 98 Hx. Quite being a whinny little girl. You are asking some really basic Honda B series swap question like "can a...
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    b18 del sol what to buy?

    For upgrades while you wait to boost I would do cam 403 cams springs and retainers and cam gears. The turbo cams will be no good for NA while waiting to go turbo and the 403s will do good with a turbo setup. A 68mm TB to match the intake and cams. Dont get a header or find a cheap Ebay one to...
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    sohc zc with z6 head???

    All you need to switch is the engine harness.
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    b18a1 fuel pump n injector in d15b7

    Yes they will fit perfectly. But the Civic and Integra use the same fuel pump and most D series use the same injectors as the B series and even if your D15 has the smaller D series injectors the B series still will not be near large enough for a turbo. Best budget turbo injector for a Honda are...
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    H22a from civic to integra

    Only he will want to do it the other way around as he wants to put the H22 into a Teg from his Civic. Yep it will be a straight swap out to the Teg chassis.
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    97 Civic HX Swap

    The Y5 is a lean burn fuel economy motor so dont even waste your time tring to get any power out of it. The best thing to do is find a B series motor trans and harness and swap that in. I started with a B18B1 swap in my Hx used a Dx 5 speed harness because of the 5 wire Y5 O2 sensor.
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    Turning down boost

    230 on a stock D series internals is safe as long as the tune is good. I would get it retuned just to be safe. And make sure it has ARP head studs.
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    Boosting B18B1

    Do some 750cc injectors some DSM 450CC injectors will be fine also but I like to got big on injectors and a walbro 255lph fuel pump that will cover all your fuel needs for the power you will make at 7-10psi. You also WILL NEED tuning. For the cheap route get a Crome and have it tuned or get a...
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    Civic ferio 1995 harness swap problems

    It a 95 so unless other countries are different it will be fuel injected. You did not need to cut the harness to remove the motor 92-95 Civic harnesses unplug at the passenger shock tower. You should never cut up a harness when removing an engine. The D15 Vtec harness should just plug into the...
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    91 civic dx hatchback.

    A Dx in stock form is not a very good race car. The D15 motor is low on power but is was never designed to be a heavy hitter. It was made for low cost and high fuel economy. The 4 spd trans is geared long to increase mpg. Best solution IMO is to swap to a B16A SiRI or a B18C1, even in stock form...
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    putting discs on drum brake rear on eg civic?

    You can drill holes in the LCA to mount a sway bar. I did it to my old Del Sol as it did not have a sway bar and I added Eibach sway bars to to, made a huge difference. On my EJ I have a 99-00 Si rear sway bar, helped some but want to get a GSR sway bars.
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    Civic ferio 1995 harness swap problems

    .:FFS TechNet:. best place for Honda swap wiring. You are best off using your stock harness in the car and just add the vtec wiring from the vtec motor harness. Get a P28 ECU and chip and tune it for the best results.
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    To get 200+whp NA P&P Vtec head springs and retainers (I like ITR retainers for a DD as titanium need replaced every 15-30K something some people dont know) S2T2 cams 12.5:1-13:1 compression at least 83mm bore, if sleeved 84-85mm (bigger is better especially with NA) LS crank for its longer...
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    engine advice

    Only a DOHC ZC head and it would not be simple as parts like timing belt would be hard to figure out. Plus it would not be a worth while motor ro build as is would not make much power compared to a SOHC Vtec head. But B series is always better :rimshot:
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    engine advice

    And lots of duck tape, got to have the duck tape.
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