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    anyone who done a h23>h22...

    title pretty much explains it... i love the torque she got now around town, but i want vtec and just dont trust doing the head swap. i'd like to know if the low end drops significantly when going from the h23>h22... obviously i have a prelude, 92 si, to be exact. thanx to anyone who responds
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    Jdm Worth It?

    How hard is it to find normal engine components for a JDM h22a? is an extra 10 horses really worth the trouble trying to find parts, or is it only for the props of having a JDM engine <_< , if so, i think the usdm will be an upgrade enough for an h23.
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    Common Question...

    what is Vafc? dont know what it is, i'd like to know what it does and where its at. thanx
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    Y0 Everyone Read This

    u know what?!? fuck stock 160 hp, fuck 200hp, i want moooooore horsies. guys, tell me how to get some real speed. what turbo application, what high potential setup can i start with to give me surprisingly fast results from the beginning, to the middle, to the end. My car is a 92 prelude Si...
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    Vote Vote Vote

    got a stock 92 Lude Si. new h23 motor only has around 40k on it. i'm only looking for around 200 to 220 hp range, so i'm not asking for much from either engines ( or head swap) but i also dont want to have my car at a shop for a couple weeks. i hope to do the work myself, but since i dont...
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    Newbie With A Prelude

    i had a crx before, but i built and sold that, then decided to go with a Prelude. If i buy just a H22(?) block (vtec right?) will it bolt right into a 92 Prelude si. i know the harness will have to be modified cuz of the vtec, but will my tranny, engine mounts, clutch cable, shift linkage...
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    Wtb Zc Longblock Or Z6 Whole Swap

    hey i need either a Dohc Zc longblock only, or a z6 with ecu, harness and all the other goodies i need to drop it into a 90 crx si. thanks, and get back to me asap.
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    Good Site?

    hey guys, since my other thread got taken over, i was wondering if someone can help me out. I found this site and was wondering if its reputable to follow. I'm putting a z6 in my 91 crx si. thanx
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    First Swap Help

    sup fella's, if anyone got the time, would someone give me some tips on putting a Z6 into a 90crx si. all i know really is i have to hook up vtec. (hopefully not to a switch). Thanx again to anyone with experience who helps me out a lil. :worthy:
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    Crx Easy Swap

    Sup fella's? i need some your professional opinions on this matter. I bought a 90 crx si, got rid of the d16a6, and i'm looking for a new motor to drop in to increase all the goodies. i'm trying to do this as cheap as possible because i'm planning to fix this up and sell it to buy a newer...
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