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    Tranny Noise

    I hear a loud wining noise when I let off the gas and start slowing down but when I push in the clutch it stops. I also hear a loud noise when I am accelerating in some of the gears. Please help me. What could be wrong with my car?
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    Drive Shaft Help

    I can't get the drive shafts to go back in all the way. Does anyone know how to get them to go in all the way? Do I have to buy new set rings? Also want is the easiest way to get the shift pin back in?
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    Intake Manifold

    I have a B18C1 and I want know what is the best intake manifold for it. Right now it is NA but I plan on turboing it in about a year.
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    Swap Help

    What’s the easiest way to get the lower arm off the ball joint without using a ball joint separator?
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    How does Toda's clutch kit compare with the other clutch and flywheel set ups?
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    Throttle Body And Intake Manifold

    What are the best brands for intake manifolds and throttle bodies? And what sizes are the best?
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    How does it exactly work? And what is the best system?
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    Help With Axles

    What is the easiest way to get the axles off? I tried to get the lower arm off but it won't move. Also what is the easiest way to get the sping pin out off the shift linkage?
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    Motor Mounts

    I have a 97 civic ex and I want to put a b18c1 into it but my motor mounts don't look that great. So I want to know do the mount kits come with 100% of the mounts I would need like the ones I would need off the civic si and the AC mount along with all my stock ones? Also what are the different...
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    Swap Help

    How do you get the spring pin out of the shift rod?
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    Is a lightweight flywheel good for a turbo application?
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    Motor Mounts

    How do you tell if your motor mounts need to be replaced?
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    What are the best brands of flywheels and where can you get them for the best prices? Also what are the best brands of clutches and what type is the best?
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    Swap ?

    I can't get any of my hoses off my engine. I have tried pulling on them but they wont budge. Is there an easier way to get them off? Also how do you get the sensor off that is bolted to the engine under the distributor on a 97 civic ex?
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    Swap ?

    Do I have to take all the wires off the motor to do an enige swap? Or does the new engine swap come with all the wires?
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    Lsd Tranny

    Can you get a LSD tranny with a GSR motor swap? If so will it cost more? All so is there a difference in hp and torque in the different years of the GSR engines?
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    B18c1`into A 97 Civic Ex

    I want to put a B18C1 (GSR) into my 97 civic ex coupe. I need to know all of the parts I would need to do the swap, like the motor mounts. I would like to have A/C and power streering. Or does the swap come with all the parts I would need to do the swap? Also is it hard to do the swap on your...
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