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    Turbo LS Coupe TW

    I'm just testing waters.... I kinda want a diesel but only if i can get what i need out of my car... 94 Civic Coupe Gutted trunk otherwise full interior -B18a1 block -ARP Rod Studs -New OEM Rod Bearings -B18a1 Head -New Valve Stem Seals -Crower Dual Valve Springs/Retainers -Crower 404's...
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    Transmission Problems

    I own a 94 civic coupe with an ls swap. Pulled the tranny and motor, rebuilt the motor and swapped out gears for the new case, now it's stuck in fifth, even when the shifter is in neutral, it doesn't matter what gear im in it's still fifth. Any suggestions and help would be appreciated. Thanks!
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    Build Being Put Together As You Read! :)

    94 Civic Coupe Gutted trunk otherwise full interior -B18a1 block -ARP Rod Studs -New OEM Rod Bearings -B18a1 Head -New Valve Stem Seals -Crower Dual Valve Springs/Retainers -Crower 404's -Skunk2 Cam Gears -Skunk2 Cam Seal -ARP Head Studs -Cometic HeadGasket -Hondata Intake Mani Gasket -Stock...
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    Innovative vs. AEM Not sure on which to buy, ive heard pro's and cons of both. Looking into the innovative. Opinions?? Thanks
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    Wtb: Alot

    -Dual Valve Springs and Retainers prefer Crower, but would consider Supertech -Injectors prefer 550-680cc -Front Lip for 92-95 Civic Coupe -Dash Bezel for 92-95 Civic Coupe -Aftermarket Fuel Rail for b18a1 -2 Black Civic Coupe Doors -ARP Headstuds -Aftermarket Clutch, Prefer ACT or something of...
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    LS turbo build -opinions-

    Finally boostin my ls civic... let me know what you guys think of the set-up im going to run, if you think i need something else or think i need to change something let me know! -Stock ls block -3 angle valve job -Port/polish head -Supertech Dual Valve Springs/Retainers ((should i run...
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    TW: 93 Civic EX

    Looking to see if there's any interest in my car. I have a 93 Civic Ex with the D15z1 swap but still has a p28 ecu, runs but a little rough, needs the p07. The body does have some rust and a few dents, but it's still very fixable. Not sure on the mileage for the body, they swapped out the...
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    WTT or Sale Virgin P28

    I have a virgin p28 ecu but need a p07. Looking to trade for a p07 and cash or sell out right for $120. Thanks PM or text 4196518305
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    Work In Progress....

    Ive got a 1994 civic coupe. The cars black with a little rust and unfortunately has a salvage title (no clue why, never researched) Also is 5 speed with black interior and all power options including sunroof. MODS: -Thermal Exhaust -Thermal Intake -Tokico Struts -Coilovers on it now but also...
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    WTB: 92-95 Coupe Doors/Interior

    Looking for 2 doors for a Civic Coupe, really looking for black doors. Also some black interior, center counsol, dash parts... etc. If you have anything send a pm or text 4196518305. Located in Loudonville, OH.
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    Slicks, turbo, wastegate

    I have a set of hoosier street radials 255 60 16 i believe 250 OBO Turbonetics Wastegate 50 OBO Precision/ Garret GT30. Ball bearing. for more specs text 4196518305 or pm ** This is best offer. Need gone this week. Thanks! *You can see the wastegate in the motor bay shot.
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    WTB: D series mani

    Im looking for a d-series turbo manifold, mine cracked.. if you have one pm me a price or text 4196518305. Thanks
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    Turbo CRX

    I thought i had the car sold until the guy hasnt showed up the last two appoinments. The car is a 1989 Honda CRX SI. The interior is in good shape for the year i would rate it an 8-10. The exterior doesnt have much rust just a few dents. The rust that is on the car is a little surface rust on...
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    Compression help

    Im running vitara 8:5:1 compression. I was wondering what the general compression numbers in all 4 cylinders for an 8:5:1 piston. Thanks
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    Garret/Precision Turbo

    I have a Gt30 for sale. Its ball bearing, was internally gated but had the flap welded shut. I dont have the exact measurements cause the turbo is in the garage and im not home. Message me for pics or text 4196518305. Thanks 550obo SHIPPED!
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    Help Me Tune

    I was wondering if anyone in the Ohio area could do a street tune for me. The car is obd0 and i do have an ostrich emulator and chip burner and i have more details for the car if interested or you can go to my for sale thread which is 89 CRX SI TURBO in the for sale section.... Just want someone...
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    Turbo 89 CRX SI

    I am testing waters with my 89 CRX SI, 5 speed. The body is a little rough, it does have the normal honda rust but it really isnt all that bad and the interior is very clean for the year. I belive the previous owner repainted the car with a black enamel. It doesnt look bad until you get about 10...
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    I have an 89 CRX si with the following list of mods: - Fully Built D16Z6 Complete Longblock 30k-40k mi - Scat Forged Rods - Vitara Pistons - ACL Bearings (plastic guaged) - Mircopolished & balanced z6 crank - Block was blueprinted & decked - Head was port & polished has the z6 cam in it...
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    84 Camaro w/ Built 350

    Im trying to get rid of my 1984 Chevy Camaro. It was orginally an RS but the V6 was replaced with built 350. The motor consists of a honed block to a 355 with 9.5:1 compression, Flat top pistons, Steel crank, New rods, 194 heads, 1 1/4 lifters, Comp cam with a 294 duration and 517/523 lift...
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    Still up for sale is my Gt30 Ballbearing internally gated. It only has 500 miles and i have an extra wastegate to throw in. For more details and pics text at 4196518305. I really need it gone fast. I know im getting hit hard but id like 500 obo. Someone plz take this off my hands so i can buy my...
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