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    WTB: large spline b-series cable tranny / LSD / Twin Disk

    Looking for a large spline cable tranny...low mileage, no grinds. Also looking for a Quaife or equivalent LSD, and an Exedy/Tilton twin disk. Let me know what ya got!
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    PLEASE Help Those Who Have Tucked + Relocated Wiring!!! 93

    Hey guys, Im really hoping someone can help me out here. I recently undertook the project the off stripping the engine bay and relocating all of the wires outside of the bay in the fender rails. I cut the wires in the bay, pulled them back into the car, and ran them outside. Well, I really dont...
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    Anyone paint in RI area?

    Thought Id ask some of you guys here just in case...Im about halfway done with my wire tucking/relocation and Im looking to paint my engine bay when all is said and done. I have a friend who paints but I figured I would see if maybe anyone on here is a pro in case my friend cannot fit me into...
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    RI: Bunch of stuff fs...stock g2/g3 parts, turbo stuff...

    Hey guys, whats up? I have a bunch of stuff im looking to sell for money toward my project as my goals have changed. I figured Id start on here because most of you guys are relatively local to me and Id rather sell stuff in person so all are happy and it saves on the time and money for shipping...
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    Engine builders in MA/RI/CT please help me!

    Ok heres the deal, I recently did a built 95 GSR swap into my 93 DA. I come to find that its drinking, I mean just drinking oil, blowing clouds on acceleration and hard vtec driving. Its tons of oil, so it basically points to oil control rings since the compression/leakdown came out decent, and...
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    WTB: B-Series T3 Turbo Manifold/Downpipe in MA/RI/

    Looking to purchase a b-series turbo manifold for a t3 flanged for a 35mm wastegate. Also looking for a matching downpipe if possible. Im wary of buying stuff online, so it must be in MA/RI/CT so we can meet up and I can see it in person. Please send pics and info to
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    RI: 92 Integra LS For Sale

    Im selling this car for a friend since she doesnt know much about cars and also doesnt really know any of these sites. The car is a Captiva Blue 92 LS Integra. It has the dark black interior and a few modifications. The modifications include a short ram intake, performance clutch, clear rear...
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    WTB: B-Series Turbo Manifold/ Possibly Downpipe in

    Looking for a manifold (t3, 35/38mm tial wg flange) and possibly a downpipe in the RI/MA/CT area. I will ONLY buy from these areas because I would like to check the stuff out before purchasing. Please send pics and info to if you have them or pm me. Thanks.
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    Anyone in RI/MA help me with a b18c1 swap tomorrow

    I know this is a weird question, but can anyone with experience in swaps give me a hand tomorrow with pulling out a b18a and installing a b18c? I have stock g2 parts for trade for the help or can pay a couple bucks or something. I also dont have too many tools and all, so if someone had some...
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    FS: MSD Inline 43 GPH Fuel Pump!!!

    Hey guys, Im trying to sell my brand new MSD 43 GPH inline fuel pump. I had originally bought it for my turbo install but have decided to go a different route. It is on EBay right now with a Buy It Now price of $100 plus shipping. You can either purchase it on there or if you want to send a...
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    RI Noship: Interest in B18A block + Combat Rear

    Hey guys whats up? I just bought a new built b18c for my teg, so I thought Id see if there was any interest in my built b18a. Only problem is, reason Im not keeping it is because the piston-to-wall clearance was off and it sounds like a tractor. I can almost guarantee a bore to 81.5 would make...
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    RI: Tons of Stock G2 Parts!!! A Few G3 Also....LOO

    Alright guys, Im looking to see if theres any interest for these parts before I throw them away/put them on EBay. I have so many and dont really want to sell them one by one, so I would prefer package deals. The price will go down the more you purchase of course, and just keep in mind Im not...
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    I need a Rhode Island inspection sticker and a 5-d

    I got nabbed today for my out-of-date inspection sticker, and I depserately need mt car to get to school. It will NOT pass inspection. I was hoping someone would help me out with one if they knew someone or wokred at an inspection station themselves. I will pay extra of course for the help...
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    Anyone know any engine builders in mass/rhode isla

    Just wondering if you guys know of any reputable engine builders in the massachusetts/rhode island area? Looking to get my b18a rebuilt for boost. I would appreciate any help. Thanks!
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    WTB: Built b18a RI/MA/CT

    I might be in the market for a built b18a bottom end, in the RI/MA/CT area (I dont want to pay for shipping). Looking for $1k + under if possible, low compression for boost. Please email me pictures and info to Thank you.
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    RI: 90-93 Integra Combat Rear Bumper + Stock Parts

    Hey whats up guys, Im looking to sell a combat rear bumper, its in decent shape needs a little work, only want $50 OBO for that, and Ill throw in a set of black widow skirts for free that need ALOT of work if you want them. I also have quite a few stock parts Id like to sell as a whole for...
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    WTB: 90-93 Integra RI/MA/CT or Close...ASAP!

    I am and have been desperately searching for a 90-93 Integra in the New England area or closer. Would prefer one that is Captiva Blue, but it is not a must. Must be a 5 speed though. I have around $4k give or take a little to spend. Please email me at with info and...
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    WTB: 90-93 Integra New England or Close!

    Im in the market for a 1990-1993 Integra, looking for something preferably mint with no rust. Would like electron blue but will settle for another color if its worth it. Let me know if anyone is selling one in New England or close, I can be reached on AIM at xxxmikenicexxx or emailed at...
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    WTB: Captiva Blue Pearl 90-93 Integra in CT/MA/RI

    Looking for a 90-93 Integra in Captiva Blue Pearl (I think may only actually be 92-93 Tegs) in CT/MA/RI, preferably within 75 miles of 02842. If further, hopefully something can be worked out. Must be in mint condition with no rust and preferably the dark interior. I have around $3k to spend...
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