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    B16 Swap into Civic 91

    :unsure: Did'nt that engine come in civic SI 91 in japan, I think it did so it should fit, at least that's what I think...Keep it coming guys I know someone has done this swap many times.
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    Dyno run gone bad !!!

    I'd say about 10 to 15 with the same result, on the dyno chart it was like so wierd the dam chart would change but not even enough for you to notice.
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    B16 Swap into Civic 91

    I want to swap by the the end of the month of april a B16 into my civic 91, now what can i keep.. Can i keep the A/C and power steering etc or am I just fucked.. Let me know guys..and what the best way to do this.. thanks DA. Crespo
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    Dyno run gone bad !!!

    I know it sounds about right, how do you reset the ECU :unsure: , I've never heard of that but hey I guess you learn something new every day. The question still stands, why whould'nt the car go past 106 whp even when we changed everything on the car so it would produce less HP making sure that...
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    Dyno run gone bad !!!

    Now to make the long story short, I finally took the fucking car to the dyno. The result was like fucking stupid, on the first run the gave out 106.3 HP, ok lets start the setting, we moved everything from the cam gear to the gas regulator and the distributor the usual stuff and the car would...
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    20 ft container from japan...

    I live in San Juan, PR but that's a excellent idea, give price and if it's actaully a good price PM me and I'll go sounds like a round trip..... or maybe over seas trip.. hmmm I'll go if you let me know with enough time that I can away from work... DA.Crespo San Juan, PR
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    ZC or D16Z6 for 89 CRX SI?

    Is a good idea if he would just use the Vtec head and a conversion harness (obd 0 to obd 1) and run a chipped P28 keep the ZC block.. Is that considered a good mod or is it a waste a $$$$ Maybe it's better for him to do that instead swaping the engine.
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    Looking for swap info

    :o :o Maybe he not doing the F to crx swap :werd: I don't want to be the guy that tells you this but the guy on top is kind of right...But then again it's your fucking car do what ever the fuck you want, but I'm getting a B16 B)
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    Which Engine should I swap

    Excellent info thanks bro... I hope I can get this swap going before the month is over. thanks DC San Juan, PR
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    Which Engine should I swap

    yep, thanks a lot, I already have a ZC engine so the dpfi to mpfi not needed. So the only thing I need is the vtec cables etc... thanks for the info, what else should I consider doing, let me know about the tranny should I go hydro or stay cable which tranny should I get or stay with the...
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    99 Si short shifter installation

    There should be four more screws after that one ;) . If I'm not mistaken
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    Which Engine should I swap

    I heard that running the VTEC ecu's on obd 0 is kind of fucked up that you don't get the same performance out of the car, instead of using a P28 chiped is that better and tranny should I get I know I'm asking a lot but if any one has a good combo out there please let me know.... thanks
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    3rd GEN ZC Motor SWAP

    I still don't understand bro more info what fit's and what does'nt fit....
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    Which Engine should I swap

    Now here is the story, I want to swap a B16 into my OBD 0 civic 4dr the question is; which B16 should I swap and which would be a direct bolt on ;) . Will I be able to keep my A/C and power steering etc. And is it better to buy the B16 obd 0 and after it's bolted buy a conversion harness and...
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    3rd GEN ZC Motor SWAP

    Correct me if I'm wrong besides being OBD 1 is'nt that engine VTEC <_< . That particular engine came on the 92-95 civic. Just asking not all sure and just wondering, later guys..
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    new here... have abig problem

    :wtf: :wtf: I'm lost could you try and explain with a little more detail, cause if you are doing the DPFI to MPFI you to buy a distributor for a SI or atleast I did the DX or LX one won't work with that set up. I hope or think that's what you're asking. :huh:
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    Whats another TPS Sensor that fits ZC DOHC?

    It depends I guess is the DX a MPFI or a DPFI???? If it's DPFI I'm not sure then if it will fit but the other one should fit. Hope this helps I think I have one in the garage from a old ZC engine let me know??? later
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    What does G 127 #^

    I have a tranny in the garage that I found I think it from a D series cause it's small now it has a G 127 stamped on the tranny, I don't remember the rest of the numbers does it mean any or does anyone know what car it belongs to. It's a cable tranny that I know ;) . thanks
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    Is it possible to make a mini-me with a car that's obd0. What do I need to make this happen and it is a good mod to do. Has anyone done this I'm sure someone has done it. I sawin ebay a harness conversion for obd0 to obd1 what else would I have to wire besides the vtec cables etc etc..... I...
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    tranny question

    help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Com'on guys someone must know. i looked ever where and I did find anything so maybe someone could tell me where the information is lacated :D . thanks
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